Words of Power: Secret Magickal Sounds That Manifest Your Desires Kindle Edition

Words of Power: Secret Magickal Sounds That Manifest Your Desires Kindle Edition


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If you have a genuine desire, speak the Words of Power and magick will come alive for you.

The words have been translated from ancient texts into simple English. It takes moments to read the words and then the magick happens.

The book gives you the ability to avoid violent situations, attract generosity, know what people are thinking, improve luck, skills and wisdom, as well as getting support for your projects. Words of Power give you new ways to attract money, make money last longer, protect yourself, repel enemies, gain an advantage and win competitions.

If you’ve ever done magick of any kind – whether casting a spell, performing a ritual or even just praying – this may sound too good to be true.

Author Damon Brand says, ‘I felt the same way when I first explored these ideas, because I’d spent a lot of time working with more complex magick. When I tried the Words of Power, the results I received convinced me that this magick works.’

Damon Brand works with a group of occultists known as The Gallery of Magick and they have spent decades testing the best word combinations to create the most safe and effective Words of Power.

Words of Power work because they connect you to angelic forces with direct access to divine power. But what are these words and are they safe? Is it wise to way words when you don’t know what they mean? All the words in this book are Divine Names derived from The 42 Letter Name of God, holy words and angelic names. This means they can’t be translated, but they are completely safe. Their power comes from the way they are combined, and the emotional transmutation that you apply during the ritual.


No special pronunciation is required. If you can read English, you can say these words.

You will discover:

25 word combinations that produce results

Magick that can be done in private

Emergency magick for instant results

A brief activation ritual that switches the words on

Damon Brand says, ‘Magick is about getting results in the real world, and that is the promise of this book.’

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