Energy is everywhere.



Energy is everywhere. And it is so important to have good, vibrant energy. Not only does good energy feel good to you, but it also influences every one that you come into contact with. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when someone smiles at you? Maybe you are at the mall or at work and someone just glows with happiness. Notice how much better and brighter things look after being around a truly happy person. Maybe it’s a baby laughing or a couple that has just spent precious time together and they glow with joy from the love they share. It’s just the opposite when people are angry and mad at each other. The vibration is very low and effects everyone in a negative way. One person who gets yelled at by another often spirals into an accident, or gets into a confrontation only to pass on the anger to someone else. It’s so much better to look within when you are feeling badly, and then do something to change whatever is bringing you down, before you pass it on to someone else and spiral yourself. Keep your energy up. Keep it light and bright, and let the world shine with your love. Be the one who smiles first and brighten someone else’s world. It’s all up to you to make your world the best place it can be, every day.


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