Stress Cube for Fidgeters!

Stress Cube for Fidgeters! Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Boredom all at your finger tips. White/Black Color


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3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5cm 6 Sided Cube With 7 Different Stress Relieving Features!
Roll it, Spin it, Click it, Flip it, and watch your stress melt away! The Cube is White and the Fidget sections are Black.
Perfect gift for those who like to fidget. Ironically, this toy helps you Focus!
Keep yourself entertained anywhere! Perfect toy for those who need to keep their hands busy.
Made With Premium Materials For Longer Life Span. So Fidget away!

Product Description

Size:Fidget Cube(All Colors) | Color:White
Our Stress Cube comes with 7 features. It includes a switch, joy stick, spinning platform, rolling ball that also clicks, 3 spinning gears, 5 buttons (2 silent buttons), and a soothing groove. There is something for everyone. Find your sweet spot and fidget away! This toy makes the perfect gift for nearly any occasion, christmas, birthday, graduation, nearly any occasion! Its a fun practical gift that will be enjoyed endlessly.

Energy enhancing Hologram, Projection-Mapping, & WiFi Ready

AlienTech S Cube FHD Hologram, Projection-Mapping, & WiFi Ready 1,000 Lumens (100 ANSI) Protection Cage, Remote, MHL, HDMI, Tripod, Cradle 1080P Pico Projector, White



Price: $379.00
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You Save: $100.00 (26%)

Screen Mirror Mode/ Hologram & Projection Mapping Leader – Simply Download App.
Best In Class High-Definition, Vivid Resolution, Brightness, Battery Life, (2.5 Hours) & Durability.
Extreme High Quality – Designed in USA by Inventors of RIF6. Made in Korea. One-Year Warranty.
Wi-Fi Capable via ChromeCast, Miracast, Fire Stick, etc (Wi-Fi is Not Built-In, Dongle is Required.) MicroSD Up to 128GB, PDF Ready.
Powerful Specifications: Texas Instruments DMD Optical Chipset, ARM Cortex Dual-Core CPU, OSRAM LED.


Ultra-Compact 2″ Square
Ultra-Light 9 Ounces
Super Play Time, 2.5+ hours of battery life, or leave it plugged in for continuous play
Massive Screen Size, up to 10 foot screen sie with full resolution
Full HD Quality, 1080P
Boasts 128GB Memory, via micro SD card
Supports Multiple Video Formats (MP4, MPEG4, MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI, MPG, ASF, M4V, 3GP)
HDMI & HML Ready, powerful connect to anything HDMI or MHL compatible
Full Apple Support – Apple iPhone 5 & 6 users will also require Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter, not included
Wi-Fi Ready, via a Wi-Fi dongle such as Chrome Cast, Miracast, FireStick, etc, not included.
Hologram / Projection Mapping Ready (Download software or app on external devices)
Screen Mirror Mode Ready, for hologram or projection)
PDF Ready, great for making PDF presentations anywhere
Keep Your Friends Close, Your AlienTech S Cube Closer

Discover new movies, rediscover classics
Connect to your favorite device, or download and watch them directly from the SD card

MHL compatible (Android connectable via included wire adapter)
Use included gender adapter to connect all HDMI devices.
iPhones and iPads connect with HDMI via their Apple Digital AV adapters, sold separately
Connects to any WiFi dongle for wireless connectivity
Instant device recognition, just plug and play

Perfect for Projection Mapping Anywhere

Projection Mapping Fun
Compatible with all your favorite OS, MAC, PC or Android mapping tools

AlienTech super high resolution, makes it the perfect tool for mapping small to medium objects.
Eliminate pixelated edges, AlienTech offers a clean filled in look.
Just pick out your favorite mapping tool, connect and enjoy
AlienTech Boast Really Cool ‘Alien’ Technology

Example of a desktop PC and HeavyM software being used along with the AlienTech S Cube to create a new form of Mapping Art

Browse through movie, picture or PDF files directly from the SD card or connect to a device for instant screen mirroring mode

Wi-Fi is not built in yet the AlientTech S cube work with any HDMI type wireless dongle. The most popular are Amazon FireStick, Chrome Cast, Miracast, etc.
Hologram F/X Fun!

To make hologram effects you just need to stream or pre-download “hologram ready” content

Use a mostly transparent, non reflective fabric or a “Holo Screen” (transparent rear projection screen)

Display yoru hologram on any open space or window

Most effective at night or in low light settings.

White Druzy Quartz Pendants

1) Large White Druzy Pendant, Quartz Druzy Pendant – Geode – Gold Plated Edge and BailLarge White Druzy Pendant, Quartz Druzy Pendant - Geode - Gold Plated Edge and Bail


$8.95 + $3.49 shipping


White Druzy Pendant
Approx. 1-3/8″ x 1-3/4″
AAA Quality Hand Picked

Product Description
Large white druzy pendant. Quartz crystal stone pendant. Beautiful white color. These pendants can be used for a variety of jewelry making projects. Druzy pendant. Beautiful white druzy pendant with quartz inclusion. Total sparkle with this gemstone agate quartz druzy pendant. One pendant. Gold plated edge and bail. Measures approximately 30-35mm x 40-45mm x 10-20mm tk. I have these druzy pendant in white, lapis blue, turquoise blue, purple, green, pink, and black. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Ships from Texas the next business day. ——All items ship the next business day——


2) BRCbeads Agate Pendant Natural Druzy Agate Dyed White Color with Silver Bezel Necklace Charms One Hook

BRCbeads Agate Pendant Natural Druzy Agate Dyed White Color with Silver Bezel Necklace Charms One Hook


Price: $5.99 + $3.88 shipping


Condition: Natural Druzy Agate with Silver Bezel/ one hook
Shape : irregular
Size: Approximately 1”
Color: Dyed White color
Bezel; SIlver Color

Product Description
One hooks druzy agate Dyed color。A highly requested customer favorite, use this stylish agate pendant to broaden your line of finished fashion jewelry–or update your jewelry wardrobe. The ideal size and color for eye-catching accents you can wear everywhere. Due to the pendants are Nature and unique, color and shape maybe vary.


3) White – Druzy Connector, Druzy Agate Quartz. Gold Plated Edge – Center Drilled – Druzy Connector – Full Strand

White - Druzy Connector, Druzy Agate Quartz. Gold Plated Edge - Center Drilled - Druzy Connector - Full Strand

Price: $32.95 + $4.50 shipping

5 Stones per Strand
Gold Edge
Center Drilled
White Druzy Connector

Product Description
White druzy connector quartz crystal connector. Druzy connector. Beautiful white color. Druzy connector with quartz inclusion. Total sparkle with this gemstone quartz druzy connector. Full Strand 5 Stones Connectors are center drilled with a gold plated edge. Measures approximately 25mm x 30mm to 30mm x 35mm I have these strands in white, lapis blue, turquoise blue, lavender, green, pink and black.