Be creative…

Doing a creative project is a fun way of sharing your world with others around you.  Not only do you receive increased energy from doing something you delight in, but after your project is finished, you have created a brand new work of art for those around you to enjoy.

glow path

Look around you and see what kind of a project you might want to do today. Maybe this large rock path using glow in the dark paint is too big of a project right now, but you can keep it in mind as you think of something that is more suitable for today.
Maybe a canvas is calling you, or maybe a watercolor painting is what you need to work on today. If not, maybe you have time to start on a jigsaw puzzle, or maybe a sewing project. The ideas are limitless. If you need some inspiration, go to the local craft store, or look online for ideas.

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Life is short – enjoy it while you can!

Be creative… Live – Laugh – Love