“Om Nama Shiva” Tingsha Cymbals 2.5″-#BF004

“Om Nama Shiva” Tingsha Cymbals 2.5″-#BF004


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Om Tingsha Cymbals on Chord 2.25″D

Product description
Tingsha Cymbals 2.5″ Diameter Embossed with “Om Nama Shiva”


These Om Tingsha Cymbals are often used to open or close meditations and sacred rituals.

The distinguished ringing sound empowers and draws in the spiritual realm.

Only Love

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Thinking about, and remembering what is important in life.
Love is the answer.
Use your energy wisely. Use it to promote Love, share Love, and most of all to be Love. Allow Loving energy to flow in and out of your life, never holding too tightly, and watch it grow every day and increase in every way, until your whole life is filled with LOVE and blessed with healing energy.
Love – Love – Love