myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion (Aqua)

myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion (Aqua)


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Dimensions: 20 inches width X 24 inches length X 4 inches height
Materials: 100 percent kapok
Model Number: Dhyana Meditation Cushion
Color: Black Blue Brown Green Multi Red
Material: Cotton Fabric Organic

myZENhome Dhyana Cushion
Relax In Any Room In Your House. Floor living at its’ best!

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myZENhome Dhyana Cushion
Enjoy sitting on the floor with man’s best friend.

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myZENhome Dhyana Cushion
This is the perfect cushion for all your outdoor activities. Use our cushion for music festivals, meditation retreats, sporting events, kids activities or just relaxation under a tree.

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myZENhome Dhyana Cushion
Decorate your home, office or resort meditation room with the Dhyana meditation cushion. It’s ergonomically designed to alleviate low back pain. The square cushion protects knees and ankles for hours of comfort no matter what your floor surface. Easy to clean. Organic & hypoallergenic.

Product description
Relax during your meditation sessions with this Dhyana cushion, featuring a bright cotton cover and a supportive Kapok fill. This chic specialty pillow supports your lower back, knees and ankles during any seated practice. The Dhyana Meditation is specifically designed to support your low back, knees and ankles during any seated practice. An attention to design firmly supports you while providing the comfort to sit for hours enjoying the silence of meditation or relaxing with family and friends over tea.

Engraved Inspirational Word Stones – Set up 5 – Grooved Worry Stone

Engraved Inspirational Word Stones – Set up 5 – Grooved Worry Stone

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Variety set of 5 inpirational gemstones – variety of positive messages on genuine gemstone
Engraved with messages such as Hope, Trust, Joy, Desire & Happiness
Message on 1 side, worry stone on the other
Approx 1-1 1/2″ each
Unique gift for someone special to you


Product description
Set of 5 polished and engraved assorted gemstone mineral stones, each with a unique, positive, spiritual message such as Hope, Trust, Joy, Desire, Relax, Happiness, Laugh engraved on one side of the stone and each with a smooth, polished surface as a worry stone on the other side. Makes a great party, Sweet Sixteen, Mitzvah favor, can be packaged in our velveteen drawstring pouches, offered on this store (not included).

Worry stones are smooth, polished gemstones usually in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation. They are also known as thumb stones or palm stones.

Held between the index finger and thum, rubbing them is believed to lessen one’s worries and stress level, resulting in a calm feeling. They originated in Ancient Greece and some believe, in Tibet. Whether used as a healing stone, worry stone or as a fun gift idea, these are a great assorted minerals. Size is at approximately 1-1 2/” each.