Certified Organic Juice Cleanse – (OJC) Plus – Berry Surprise

Certified Organic Juice Cleanse – (OJC) Plus – Berry Surprise – (12.28 oz – 348 g) from Purity Products

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About the product
As Seen on TV! New and Improved – Over 30 Organic Veggies & Fruits! Plus 5 Grams of Fiber

OJC Plus Contains a Liver Support Blend with a Delicious Blueberry Greens Flavor*
Promotes Energy, Digestive Function and the Body’s Ability to Cleanse*

Drinking Organic Juice Cleanse provides you with a concentrated supply of nutrients that you can’t easily get if your diet isn’t otherwise rich in fruits and vegetables.

Contains no ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Certified Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free


Product description
OJC PLUS Berry Surprise is Purity Products’ new & improved Organic Juice Cleanse with a great Berry-Greens flavor. Packed with two dozen USDA Certified Organic dark green veggies, super fruits, antioxidant-rich berries, along with other nutritious compounds like flax & enzymes, OJC Plus is not only super healthy, but it contains 5 grams of fiber (67% more than 3 gram formulas).

OJC Plus – Berry Surprise… Grass Taste Out, Great Taste In
Millions of Americans have discovered juicing as an easy way to boost their health. Juicing revitalizes; it can help you stay trim, fit, healthy & energized. But juicing can be a mess and a fuss, & juicing can cost a small fortune. OJC Plus is an exclusive organic juice cleanse formulation with 30 different organic veggies & super fruits amplified by the addition of a organic liver support blend with organic milk thistle. And when it comes to taste, you will love the delicious blueberry greens flavor!

The Organic Juice Cleanse is… Juicing Without the Hassle!
If you have trouble getting the recommended 5-9 servings of fruit and veggies everyday then, OJC can provide your body with a quick & potent shot of healthy phytonutrients, antioxidants, & dietary fiber. The result? Powerful support for energy, vitality, heart health & digestive wellness.*

A meticulous approach to excellence is at the core of all we do. We start with wholesome, organic produce in every hue, which are dried using multiple technologies, including proprietary air-drying and freeze-drying methods. This process preserves the high nutritional profiles of our ingredients. Revitalizing and cleansing juice powders such as barley grass & wheat grass (rich in antioxidants) are flash pasteurized and then dehydrated at temperatures below 60 degrees Celsius to retain their health promoting goodness.

Purity Products – EverStrong Elite – Powder Formula,Orange flavour

Purity Products – EverStrong Elite – Powder Formula,Orange flavour


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About the product
Promotes Power and Performance*
Supports Endurance and Energy*
Supports Strength and Lean Muscle Mass*


Product description
Follow the science and fuel your active lifestyle, busy day, or even amp up your workout with EverStrong® Elite.* Designed by sports nutrition scientists, EverStrong® Elite helps you stay energized and alert while promoting stamina and endurance. Use it before you exercise, or when you need a burst of energy support.*

B-12 Energy BerryMelt with Super Fruits – 30 Tablets from Purity Products

B-12 Energy BerryMelt with Super Fruits – 30 Tablets from Purity Products


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About the product
Promotes healthy energy levels *
Supports healthy memory and mental clarity*
Promotes normal cell growth and repair*
Supports a healthy immune system*
Sustains proper metabolism*


Product description
B-12 Energy BerryMelts Formula now includes the super fruits Acai and Goji Berry. This innovative Vitamin B-12 energy-support formula is designed to give you a safe energy melt in a convenient, quick dissolve mini-tablet. The ideal alternative to caffeinated pills, energy shots or beverages, B-12 Energy BerryMelts fit easily in a purse or a pocket, making it perfect for people who need a B-12 energy lift even when they’re on the go.

B-12 Energy BerryMelt is a quick dissolving, great tasting chewable supplement that promotes energy and focus with essential B vitamins.* Vitamin B12 is a key energy vitamin. B12 is needed for metabolism of carbohydrates, which serve as the body’s fuel. Additionally, B12 builds proteins, strong red blood cells and healthy nerves.*

Rounding out this innovative formulation, Vitamins B6, D3, Folic Acid and Biotin work as a nutritional team to help maintain healthy blood cells, strong bones and healthy brain function while supporting cellular energy production.*