Collecting stones…

Now that better weather has arrived it is a great time to get outside and play!

Go find some pretty rocks that will help you feel grounded.

If you feel really creative, maybe you can arrange them into a collage, adding a piece of driftwood and some squiggled grass to represent flowers.

If you find nice colored rocks like agates, you can arrange them into a group of some kind. Shapes like circles, hearts or triangles add a feeling of satisfaction.

Or use a special bowl or container to show them off.

You can even glue them down to a piece of paper if they are not too big or heavy, and write a note to a special person or just write something positive and enlightening for yourself.

“Just Be Happy”

“Live, Laugh, Love”

“I Love You”

“Have A Nice Day”


Take a few special rocks and line your driveway or place them around a water spout so that when it rains again, they will get wet and be even prettier.

If you have a lot of pretty rocks, you can make a path with them, or a border for your flower bed. It helps to put a lining under them or connect them in some way so that they don’d get lost or squish down into the other rocks (or dirt) around and under them.

What ever you do, make sure that you are having fun and enjoying your rock collecting. Let the rocks you find (or that find you) guide you into a peaceful state of relaxation and appreciation. Being thankful for the gifts of nature surrounding you every where.



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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love


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Cool rock projects

Rock projects.

People love rocks.  Whether they are pretty rocks like crystals and gem stones, or whether they are plain old garden variety rocks like large basalt pieces or possibly even basalt that has been crushed into gravel.

Stone has been a landscaper’s best friend on many occasions.  Used to fill wet areas that need a drain field, to other areas that just need to be filled in or made a little more attractive.  There are varieties of red rock and river rock, even white marble chunks for use in lawn and  garden decorating.  These types of rock are an excellent choice for pond scaping and decorating fountain areas.

Here a certain type and variety of sizes of common rock were used to make a sentimental picture of people on a ledge.  The closeness shared draws emotion in from every angle.  The carefully placed trail of rocks under neath the ledge of wood displays even more variety and interest in both color, shape and size.

Rocks or stones of all kinds add a grounding influence and good energy to the world around them.  No matter how they are used, they each enhance their direct area to raise the vibration nearby.


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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love

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