Pyramid & 7 Chakra Points Energy Generator,Reiki Healing Crystal Stone,Black Obsidian

rockcloud Pyramid & 7 Chakra Points Energy Generator,Reiki Healing Crystal Stone,Black Obsidian

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This Generator has 7 points attached to a pyramid at the center.Center pyramid amplifies the seven directions of energy of earth through its apex.

Size(approx): Total:3.3″; Pyramid:1″; Wand Point:1″;Quantity:1 Piece;Weight:40-45 Grams/Piece.
Using for energy amplifying,healing and reiki balancing,recharging gemstones,crystal degaussing,protection,meditation,divination,specimen collection,study.Placing this pyramid energy generator in your home promotes a positive flow of energy in your home or sacred space.

Obsidian pyramid energy generator can shields against negativity,and absorbs harmful energies from the environment,can absorbs mental stress to help you to start seeing yourself as the person you want to become.

Handmade Natural Gemstone Energy Generator-Please kindly note that the size,color and the shape may vary from each other due to the unique stone in color/texture.And pay attention to the actual sizes given in the listing as the pictures are generally enlarged to show details.

Product description
Color:Black Obsidian(7 Chakra Points)
About the Chakra Energy Wand:
Wands designed from crystal can take advantage of their metaphysical/healing properties and can assist in the healing and harmonizing process.

The crystal wand creates a flow of energy through the stones and can work off either your conscious or subconscious mind, depending on your goals.

Kindly Note
When you use the energy or take it with youself,please avoid water,crash or chemicals.


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CRYSTAL HEALING – your Kit includes Chakra tumbled stones, pendulum, raw rose quartz, amethyst cluster, and crystal point

NATURAL STONES – include red jasper, green aventurine, sodalite, lapis lazuli, crystal quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz

THE PERFECT GIFT – for beginners or practitioners wanting to balance their Chakras, collect crystals, or just set up a beautiful relaxing space!

FAST SHIPPING!! – your Kit will ship within 24hrs, and is backed by our 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Product description

The seemingly endless varieties of crystals and stones can make choosing some for yourself to be an intimidating task. Worry not, though. We have carefully selected this variety of stones to be the perfect enhancement to any environment.

Perfect for Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home decor, gifts, and more!

11 pcs Kit Includes everything below:

► 1 Chakra Pendulum from India – Size: 1”-1.5”

► 1 Clear Crystal Quartz Point from Brazil – Size: 1.5”-2”

► 1 Rose Quartz Raw Chunk from Madagascar – Size: 1.5-2″

► 1 Amethyst Cluster from Uruguay – Size: 2”

► 7 Chakra Tumbled Stones in Branded People Crystals® Pouch from India – Size: 1” each

► People Crystals® Chakra Guide

(Red Jasper, Orange Calcite, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, and Amethyst)

Note: Since each crystal is struck from a different stone expect some slight color variations between each piece, and lot purchased. Like us humans they are imperfect in there perfect nature.



7 Chakra Healing Bracelet with Real Stones, Volcanic Lava, Mala Meditation Bracelet – Men’s and Women’s Religious Jewelry – Wrap, Stretch, Charm Bracelets …


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100% AUTHENTIC STONES: Lava beads, Red agate, Lazurite, Amethyst, Turquoise stone, Tiger eye, Green King Stone, synthetic Amber

This bracelet is approximately 7.25″ (22 beads). Each bead has a circumference of about 8mm.

Beads Chakra Bracelet; Unisex, Good Matching for Men and Women
Handmade item; Great Spiritual Meditation

100% Money Back Guarantee; If you are not completely satisfied with our jewelry, simply return it for a full refund. Completely risk-free!

Product description
Δ Emotional- Since lava is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground, so regarding healing gems, this lends itself to a calming- but intense- energy. Because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.

Δ Spiritual- Lava stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. This is because of the strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth. In folk remedies, it was also given to soldiers to help them remain calm during battle.
Black Lava is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone.

You can even use your essential oils to soak in the lava stone beads!
This bracelet is the perfect reminder of how connected you are to the abundant universe!
Namaste, friend!

P.S. My philosophy is simple: You must be happy with your purchase. That’s it. If you are happy, I am happy.
Please note: the healing crystal metaphysical properties are spiritual supports to healing and isn’t intended as healthcare information.
100% Money Back Guarantee; If you are not completely satisfied with our jewelry, simply return it for a full refund. Completely risk-free!

I love rocks

I love rocks

Are you a rock hound, rock hunter, rock appreciator? Or do you just plain out LOVE rocks like I love rocksdo?  I never get too many, and I am always looking for a new project to use the rocks I have in. Projects where I can use some of my buckets of beautiful rocks,  back packs full of rocks, and pockets full of rocks.  Not all of them are like the ones pictured here either.  Some are big, beautiful sparkling crystals.  Amethyst and quartz crystals, pieces of jasper and agates, various chunks of petrified wood and lots of shiny black obsidian.  Some are expensive, some are cheap, and some have been gifted to me because everybody I know, knows that I love rocks.  I even had a friend give me a plastic baggy of  small grey crushed rock (gravel from her driveway) as a joke, because she knew how crazy I am about rocks.  I put them in my gravel driveway with the rest of my crushed basalt base.

Every one seems to have their favorite kind of rock or stone.  Many people like pretty crystals of some sort.  I think it is because they are clear and shiny, emitting good pure energy.  Some of the other rocks like jasper and jade are used and kept more for grounding and keeping a person balanced, while the energy emitted from crystals like amethyst are more light and uplifting.  Who doesn’t need a little more light, uplifting good energy? And who doesn’t need a few more pretty rocks?


While I prefer to enhance my energy with crystals and other types of rocks, other things that can help raise your energy or vibration are:

  • Sunshine
  • Going outside
  • A nature walkWalking is good exercise.  Walking in nature is especially good for raising your vibration and lifting your spirits.  Take a look around and enjoy the trees, grass, and ferns along the path you take.  Maybe even the blue sky shining through the trees is enough to help you feel better.  Enjoy your time outside and don’t forget to take deep breaths as you slowly pace yourself.
  • Holding your pet  If you have a pet, spending time with it will give you satisfaction and a great feeling of love, curing the blues or at least helping you feel  better for the time being.
  • Watching a funny movie
    Movies are a great way to distract yourself from a bad mood or a short bout of depression. Movies have a way of giving us a new perspective on life through the realistic lessons the actors go through. 
  • Reading a good book
    There are so many good books to read these days.  Whether it be a Kindle, or the old fashioned kind, there are a lot of funny, uplifting, or informative books at your disposal.  Even art books are a good way to spend some time and refresh your mood. 
  • Calling a friend
  • Taking your dog for a walk
  • A nice warm bath

    Take  a little time to soak in the tub.  Maybe you could add some epsom salts and essential oils to sooth your tired muscles  and elevate your senses. Along with the hot water and pulsing jets.

  • Listening to uplifting music
  • Using a tuning fork 

If you need help raising your energy level, level of vibration, wealth, or to become more balanced and happy, contact us at “Energy Healing Stone Therapy” for more information, or join our mailing list for ongoing, upcoming events and classes.

Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now!

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

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