YYout Natural Rock Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe With Dimmable Switch Electric Wire & Three Bulb

YYout Natural Rock Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp Globe With Dimmable Switch Electric Wire & Three Bulb.(Bulb-15W)



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Total Height approx3.2inch, Light mouth diameter:3.5inch
Total Weight approxing 4.6-4.8lb, light weight approxing 0.81lb, Salt Chunks weight approxing 3.9lb.
Our lamp cord is a standard cord of UL and three bulbs..When you lights this lamp it will emit a soft ramantic light, it will be released negative ions in to the air can purify the air.
The dimmable switch let you can adjust the brightness of the light, and downy light can let you have a good dream. Exquisite appearance not only as a night light during the day can also be a beautiful ornament, this is a suitable gift for yourself and your friends.
Please note because of the himalayan salt chunks natural crystal pieces,, so the salt chunks is random

Product Description
Natural salt lamp and natural life, rock crystal chunks is mine from Himalayan mountains Once you lght up the salt lamp it will emit soft light amber color Unique natural orange pink can relieve stress, to create a comfortable space,it has been recognized as a great role in color therapy products Salt crystal lamp natural light is soft and pleasing to the eye of any artificial lighting can not compare, Orange, yellow, white, different colors on the human body have different physiological, psychological treatment.In addition, the soft sheen of salt crystal lamps can help people relax, emotional stability, purify, sober force for spiritual healing and self-cultivation is also very effective. Salt crystal lamps can purify the air, remove the air of smoke and odor; absorption, clear the air of dust mites, pollen, micro-bacteria spores, bacteria and the like.,Air contains positive and negative ions, but must achieve a certain balance between positive and negative ions. When the salt crystal lamps heating, will release negative ions, absorb moisture, air and neutralize excess positive ions (home computers, electrical appliances will produce excessive positive ions) Night, just a little salt lamps lit, romantic leisurely will come, dreamy soft glow, the room was to create a warm, romantic and quiet. Such a quiet night alone at night for thinking, for couples Nocturne. A little more salt lamps accompany children bedside, eliminating child disturbed night’s gentle little angel. Due to natural variation in Himalayan crystal salt, weight, size, coloer and shape may different.