Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp with Indian Rosewood Base, Bulb And Dimmer Control, Medium Size, 8-11 lbs, 7.5-10″ Height

Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp with Indian Rosewood Base, Bulb And Dimmer Control, Medium Size, 8-11 lbs, 7.5-10″ Height


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Hand-carved, 100% pure Himalayan salt
UL certified 6-foot power cord and dimmer switch; includes 15W bulb
7.5-10-inch height, 5-7-inch width, 8-11 pounds. Each lamp is unique, dimensions may vary
Includes base made from authentic Indian rosewood
Illuminate your room with a warm, relaxing orange glow

Enhance any mood with Mineralamp’s soft glow.

Notice: Each Himalayan salt lamp is uniquely hand carved. No two lamps are the same – variations in size, weight, color and texture are to be expected.

Mineralamp Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 8-11 lbs (7.5-10-inch Height)
Medium-Sized Salt Lamp
Made from 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals
Each lamp is hand-crafted to perfection
ETL-Listed-Compliant dimmer switch, base and power cord
Great for bedrooms, offices, spas, yoga studios and restaurants
Dimensions: 7.5-10-inch height, 5-7-Inch width, 8-11 pounds
Perfect for gifts!

Adjustable Dimmer Switch
Adjust the lamp brightness to your liking with our tested-compliant ETL lamp base and dimmer switch. All lamps include a 15W Candelabra bulb and 6-foot power cord.

Hand-Carved to Perfection
All of our Himalayan salt lamps are hand carved, giving every lamp its own unique look and character.

Authentic Indian Rosewood Base
Mineralamp Himalayan salt lamps are supported by a finished North Indian Rosewood base.

Illuminate Your Soul
The mystical glow of a Himalayan salt lamp will captivate almost any onlooker, enhancing the atmosphere in whatever room it’s placed. If you want to experience a truly unique ambiance, Mineralamp will satisfy unlike any other.

Product description

This product is made from 100% natural and hand carved salt crystals imported from the Himalayan mountains. Due to the natural excavation process, lamp shape, color, size and weight may vary. Each item includes a 15-watt bulb pre-installed within the lamp base. Be cautious handling lamp if left on for an extended period of time. The bulb will heat the salt and the surface will become very warm. Cord includes a twisting dimmer knob that functions as a brightness control and on/off switch. When turned on, this lamp will create a relaxing orange glow. Great for use in bedrooms, on office desks or cubicles, living rooms, restaurants & hotels and therapeutic & meditative rooms.

Amir Salt Lamp, 2 Pack Natural Himalayan Rock Crystal with 2 Bulbs, Mini Hand Carved Night Light with UL Approved Wall Plug for Air Purifying, Bedroom Lighting

Amir Salt Lamp, 2 Pack Natural Himalayan Rock Crystal with 2 Bulbs, Mini Hand Carved Night Light with UL Approved Wall Plug for Air Purifying, Bedroom Lighting


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Sale: $24.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25. Details
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Special Material – Hand selected from the Himalayan Mountains, each of the lamps is made from highest quality-AA level salt crystals with the best clarity, and crafted to allow the insertion of a UL approved plug, serves as a stylish decoration lamp in bedroom, living room, kitchen, coffee shop, book store, bar, and so on
Air Purifier – Himalayan salt lamp works as “Natural negative ion generator”. When heated, it emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation, fights fatigue and sluggishness; improve health ability; increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; sleep better & wake refreshed; soothe allergies. It does have a profound effect on your health
Unique Lighting Ambience – With its unique color, it will emit a warm and calming amber glow to your room and offer better light transmittance due to its less specks and spotting. Providing you a romantic lighting atmosphere with beautiful radiant light, relaxing you from stress
Natural Shape – Due to the natural variation in Himalayan Crystal salt, each lamp is a piece of a natural rock formation and is unique in pattern, color, shape and weight
Safety Guarantee – Each Salt lamp comes with a UL certificated Plug, which can be adjusted for 360 degree. No cords or extra space needed. Adjusts 360 degrees around for horizontal sockets

What can Amir Salt Lamps do?

* Enhance well-being
* Emit negative ions in your home
* Have a profound effect on your health
* Produce beautiful radiant glow light
* Work as health-giving night light

Made of Himalayan salt crystals, each lamp is crafted to a well-made decoration lamp. It can not only serve as an Ambience lamp, but also an Air Purifier.
The salt crystal material, be well-known as Natural Negative Ion Generator, works well as an air purifier by emitting a lot of negative ions when heated, which will help to kill harmful bacteria, mound and virus effectively. The soft light will create romantic atmosphere and make you feel relaxed.
Built with UL approved plugs, which can be rotated 360 degree for horizontal sockets. No cord required, making Amir Salt Lamp a widely used decoration lamps in bedroom, living room, kitchen, coffee shop, book store, bar, and so on.

Seller Policy:

●45-Day Mon*ey Back
●12-Month Replacement
●7/24 Online Customer Serivce
●Lifetime Support

What are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are oxygen ions that have an extra electron attached and naturally occur in nature. Negative ions are considered an important contributor to good health, and there are many published studies that suggest breathing the special oxygen, abundant in negative ions can have a significant influence on improved mood with overall mental and physical health and well-being.

How does Our Salt Light Work?

Salt is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water molecules from the surrounding air. Once attracted to the salt lamp, these microscopic compounds remain on the salt and not floating in the air where you can breathe them in. As Himalayan salt lamps slowly become saturated with water vapour they attract from the air around them, the heat, from the lamp inside or beneath, dries them, thus continuing the hygroscopic effect for as long as the light is on. This heat also re-releases water vapour back into the air.


– Material: 100% Himalayan crystal salt
– Voltage: 110V
– Lamps power: 7watt
– Lamp body height: 3 inch
– Lamp body diameter: 2.6 inch
– Lamp body weight: 0.34kg/0.75lb


1. If there is water in the lamp, please dry it to avoid getting wet.
2. Please make sure that the switch on the lamp is turned off. Then plug it into the wall plug and turn it on.
3. Each lamp is in the unique shape; it may have a little different from the product image. Its dimensions and weight vary.

May Improve Air Quality

Salt lamps are not a spectacular source of negative ions. However, due to their hygroscopic properties, they may improve the air in other ways. Besides offering a soothing glow, they can attract pollutants in the air and even help neutralize the effects of electronics.
Mood Booster & Sleep Promoter

Negative ionizers have a relaxing effect and have been reported to normalize your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension. Because negative ions are absorbed directly into the bloodstream they may help to combat harmful free radicals within your body.​

Light and Color Therapy Benefits

These soothing lamps may also help energy levels, especially for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The soft orange hues are one of the soothing colors often used to calm mood and increase focus. Naturally occuring negative ions may assist us to lead a happier and healthier life.