Orgone Energy Large Heart Necklace   (AmazonLink)
Orgone Energy Large Heart Necklace in Copper with Carnelian

Orgone Energy Large Heart Necklace in Copper with Carnelian

Price: $39.00
Positive Life Force Energy
EMF Protection
Colorful, Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry
Quartz Crystal
Positive Ki, Prana, Life Force – Orgone

Product Description

This unique and bold pendant incorporates a double terminated quartz crystal, copper coils, tiny silver bits and carnelian chips, all assembled in a large antiqued copper plated pewter heart shaped bezel and sealed in a matrix of orange tinted resin. All these materials together create a positive energy generator. Pendant measures 53×30 mm, and hangs on an 18 inch antique copper plated brass snake chain with lobster clasp closure. What is Orgone Energy Jewelry? This beautiful piece of jewelry is actually a powerful spiritual tool that can be used to enhance your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By simply wearing this, negative energy can be transmuted into positive energy, creating a more balanced, healthy state. This is based on the principal of Orgone energy, also known as Chi, Ki, Prana and Life Force – it is the energy present within all objects. How it works: Negative orgone energy is attracted to the piece by the resin encased matrix. This flow of energy is directed through the piece by the copper coils, focused by quartz crystals, filtered by the various natural materials suspended within the matrix, and then transformed and released back into the environment in a more positive state. Our pieces each contain different combinations of metals, crystals and stones, making each piece a one of a kind, and as unique as they are beautiful!