Light Emerging The Journey of Personal Healing Kindle Edition

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing Kindle Edition

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Barbara Ann Brennan’s bestselling first book, Hands of Light, established her as one of the world’s most gifted healers and teachers. Now, she continues her ground-breaking exploration of the human energy field, or aura — the source of our experience of health or illness. Drawing on many new developments in her teaching and practice, she shows how we can be empowered as both patients and healers to understand and work with our most fundamental healing power: the light that emerges from the very center of our humanity.

In a unique approach that encourages a cooperative effort among healer, patient, and other health-care providers, Light Emerging explains what the healer perceives visually, audibly, and kinesthetically and how each of us can participate in every stage of the healing process.

Presenting a fascinating range of research, from a paradigm of healing based on the science of holography to insights into the “hara level” and the “core star,” Light Emerging is at the leading edge of healing practice in our time.

Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal
Research physicist and founder of her own school, Brennan is a leading New Age healer. She provides here a useful introduction to the scientific background behind her laying-on-of-hands technique. Brennan offers an explanation of her healing perspective and its use in conjunction with medical therapy, the stages and importance of self-care, and healing relationships through auric field interaction and higher spiritual realities. She encourages taking personal responsibility for one’s health through a holistic approach and consultation with nontraditional specialists as well as a physician. This self-help book may become a New Age classic. Highly recommended.
Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.
From Booklist
Brennan instructs on how to work with the “human energy field,” which involves the seven chakras and the aura, to cure various physical and emotional problems. Readers searching for ways of healing that go beyond the orthodox will be best able to use this book and because Brennan’s discussion is long and involved, at once fascinating and confusing, it may well attract the most devoted anyway.


Despite a nod from Bernie Siegel, and evidence throughout that Brennan’s methods can be effective, discussions of how people “grow cords” that obstruct relationships or why you should soak used jewelry in saltwater to destroy negative energy are sure to have skeptics shaking their heads. Brennan is not only a therapist and healer, but also a former research scientist for NASA, which would seem to lend her credibility. This title follows her popular Hands of Light (1988). Jo Peer-Haas

Life’s Journey…

Give thanks…

Life is a journey. Sometimes it is much sunnier than other times. Sometimes life is filled with stormy clouds that end up raining all over your lovely parade…

So be THANKFUL for the people who share your journey and walk along side of you each day.

They teach us the lessons we need to know…

Whether we think we need the lesson, or not…

They are here to
Help us,
Walk beside us,
Hold our hands,
Love us,
Share their own story,
Share their grief,
Enjoy our story,
Lend a hand,
Be friends,
Betray us,
Learn from us,
and on and on it goes.

It is always our choice to interpret life through our own eyes.
Seeing the best, or worst, in others, is our choice.  It is our own personal journey.
Whether we feel loved, or betrayed by someone, right now,
this moment, it  is just a small part of the journey in comparison to our whole lives.

How we react to the events in our life, determine our next lesson or adventure.
If we can see an event in a positive way, or see the best in life, we move on to more positive events.  If we see the negative parts in things, we tend to find more and more negative things to examine and be a part of.

Not that everything comes too us as an Angel of light, but generally, the way we see one thing in life, effects the next event to appear.

For example,

If we knock over our first cup of coffee in the morning, we can either just clean it up and laugh at ourselves for being a little bit scattered, then get another cup, be more careful, an enjoy drinking it;

Or – we can yell and throw something at the cat, knocking something else over, making a bigger mess, trip over the mess we made, and still have no morning coffee to drink, and no cat to sit with us.

It is all about choice and your outlook on life.

You might as well learn to enjoy the journey and be thankful for each lesson, because as long as we are alive, the lessons will continue.

Just try to go with the flow, and learn each lesson as easily as you can, and also  be thankful for every person who is in your life today – for one reason or another…

A lot of clouds have silver linings if you can just wait out the storm long enough to see them…

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Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!

Do what you LOVE.
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Live – Laugh – Love


© 2015 Energy Healing Stone Therapy