Food to Live Lupini Beans (3 Pounds)

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About the product
Big and tasty, premium-quality Lupini Beans from Food to Live are 100% natural.

Free from any dangerous additives, our Lupini Beans are healthy and nutritious.
Can be used for cooking a great number of delicious dishes from different world cuisines.

The sweet taste of Lupini Beans complements a great variety of foods and seasonings.

Food to Live Lupini Beans are a great protein source for vegans and vegetarians.


Product description
Size:3 Pounds
Lupini Beans are highly nutritious and provide you with a boost of carbohydrates and proteins. They will be a great food choice for vegans, vegetarians, athletes, and those trying to lose weight.

To enjoy the delicious flavor and health benefits of lupine beans, soak them for 30 hours to remove all alkaloids. If pickled, you can eat them right from the jar after popping the husks off.

Nutritional Value
Lupini Beans are one of the most nutritious legumes. They are rich in manganese and calcium, vital minerals for bone health. They also contain large amounts of zinc, copper, and B vitamins.

Dried Lupini Beans from Food to Live need to be soaked very well. However, their deliciously sweet flavor is well worth the effort. Can be used in salads and many other dishes, pickled, and eaten as a snack.

This product is processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts and wheat.