Raise your vibes…

Use these suggestions to raise your vibrations or energy level.

Where ever you may be right now is only a starting point.

Try one thing at a time and feel yourself lifting higher and higher on the vibrational scale.

The more you practice higher vibrations the easier it becomes to keep yourself up at these higher levels.

The more effort you put in to feeling good, living well, and eating well, the more your entire life will improve.


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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love

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Feeling good…

Feeling good is so important.  In order to feel your best, you must have Love in your heart.  If you are harboring unforgiveness, and resentment, you may be impared in one or more area of your life.


Over 50% of cancer patients have unforgiveness of some kind, according to one of the latest surveys.  Emotional trauma is now a treatable condition, and doctors are convinced that forgiveness is not only an  important part of every day living, but it is also a necessary ingredient in surviving deadly diseases.

Do yourself a favor, and make peace and harmony a priority in your life.  If there are those who keep you in an endless loop of drama, think about how much they are costing you in health habits and well being.

Set yourself free by allowing some space and time between those who are not healthy, and seek out those who bring you love and happiness.  You will find a whole new level of wellness.  Peace and harmony can become a new way of life for you, if you give it a chance, and some time.  You may have to replace some of your old habits with new ones, and even some of your old friends with new friends, but it will be worth it.

Having a peaceful, calm, happy life is very important, if you want to feel really GOOD!  Let go of unforgiveness and be free…