7 Chakra Conical Pyramid Energy Generator

7 Chakra Conical Pyramid Energy Generator with Chakra Grounding Bracelet Set by MANU



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About the Product
7 X 6 Faceted Chakra Points
Crystal Quartz Conical Pyramid Placed In The Center
Made From Natural Crystals
Handmade Unique – Includes a total of 8 Gemstones
Chakra Grounding Bracelet With Velvet and Satin Pouch by MANU Included In This Set. If you do not receive the exact type of bracelet pictured with MANU logo bag your order is Free!

Product Description
Gem stones used for the 7 chakra points include: root chakra = red jasper, sacral chakra = orange/peach aventurine, solar plexus chakra = yellow aventurine, heart chakra = green aventurine, throat chakra = lapis lazuli, third eye chakra = blue aventurine, crown chakra = amethyst. Individual chakra energy generators vary slightly due to the fact that natural and not man made crystals are used and the energy generators metalwork themselves are handmade. Average is 3.5″ In width and .75″ In height for overall entire generator dimensions. The 7 chakra energy generators have a 7 x 6 facet chakra point in each direction with a crystal quartz conical pyramid placed in the center. These are very powerful and beautiful items.