Be creative…

Now that the warm weather has arrived it is a great time to get outside and play!

Go find some pretty rocks that will help you feel grounded.

If you feel really creative, maybe you can arrange them into a collage like the one pictured here, adding a piece of driftwood and some squiggled grass to represent flowers.

If you find nice colored rocks like agates, you can arrange them into a group of some kind.  Shapes like circles, hearts or triangles add a feeling of satisfaction.

You can even glue them down to a piece of paper if they are not too big or heavy, and write a note to a special person or just write something positive and enlightening for yourself.

“Just Be Happy”

“Live, Laugh, Love”

“I Love You”

“Have A Nice Day”


Take a few special rocks and line your driveway or place them around a water spout so that when it rains again, they will get wet and be even prettier.

If you have a lot of pretty rocks, you can make a path with them, or a border for your flower bed.  It helps to put a lining under them or connect them in some way so that they don’d get lost or mesh into the other rocks (or dirt) around and under them.

What ever you do, make sure that you are having fun and enjoying your rock collecting.  Let the rocks you find (or that find you) guide you into a peaceful state of relaxation and appreciation.  Being thankful for the gifts of nature surrounding you every where.




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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love


© 2017 Energy Healing Stone Therapy

Be Blessed…

Sometimes you have to consciously STOP what you are thinking –


and START thinking about something else.

What does that mean exactly?

It is so easy to think about something that has happened to us.  Maybe someone said something offensive, or accidently  slighted us in some way.

Maybe they were just voicing their opinion a little too loudly for our taste, or maybe we just totally dis – agree with what they had to say.  Not everyone is on an equal level of consciousness, you know.

There are those who have never even heard of consciousness, let alone practice it in any way.

So here we are repeating over and over – something we don’t like.  Negative feelings overpowering all of the other feelings, leaving us sad, and angry.  Wronged somehow, and just plain stressed out.

If we continue to stay in that negative, unloving state, however, we will soon forget about all of our blessings because we will become consumed by whatever it is that we are all stressed out about.

Whatever you think about expands.

Pretty soon you could have a full blown, made up story about this or that negative situation, and left unresolved, this creative story could cause a headache, or stomach problems like indigestion or nausea.

How many times have you “imagined” a situation that never actually happened?

We are very creative thinkers.

Imagination can get carried away though, and that is why we have to harness our thoughts and bring them back to remembering positive things like how Blessed We Are!

Try writing a list of five blessings right now.  You may have to start with the clothes you are wearing.

And maybe a cup of coffee?

Or a bottle of water?

Good energy?

Do you have shoes?  Some people don’t, so I count my shoes a blessing.

When you start listing your blessings, you bring yourself into a  positive state of thinking.  Pretty soon everything looks a little brighter, and your list of five can turn into a list of  twenty five within just a few minutes.  The more you think, or dwell on blessings, the more blessings you find to think about.

This, like everything else, may take a little practice, but it is well worth the benefits gained, to practice this everyday until it becomes second nature.  Wouldn’t you really rather feel “Blessed” than “Stressed” ?

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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love

© 2016          Energy Healing Stone Therapy

These Tiled Steps In San Francisco Glow At Night From The Moonlight

These Tiled Steps In San Francisco Glow At Night From The Moonlight



The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project is an amazing community-led project in San Francisco. Friends and neighbors got together to cover the 163 steps at 16th and Moraga with a beautifully colorful tile mosaic. And as if this isn’t amazing enough, just wait until the sun goes down!

The mirror-like tiles reflect the moonlight during the night, but the steps become even more spectacular when it catches the rising or setting sun’s beams. The project took over a year and a half to complete and included the help of over 300 neighbors. KZ Tile, a major SF tile-setting company, kindly agreed to help set the tiles in place and over 220 neighbors sponsored the creation of handmade animal, bird and fish name tiles. The end result is pretty amazing, but as you can see from these pictures, its true beauty is only revealed after sunset. The project is an awesome example of what can be achieved when a community decides to work together. That’s what we call a “step” in the right direction!

More info:


glowing-16th-avenue-tiled-steps-san-francisco-night-view-11This “day view” tile mosaic is a great  example of a large project that took so many people and so many cooperative hours to put together.  Look at the permanent beauty that resulted from a creative thought that was turned into a working project like this.  Think of the positive energy it took to put all of this together and make it work.  A project to be proud of from now until years to come.

Be creative…

Doing a creative project is a fun way of sharing your world with others around you.  Not only do you receive increased energy from doing something you delight in, but after your project is finished, you have created a brand new work of art for those around you to enjoy.

glow path

Look around you and see what kind of a project you might want to do today. Maybe this large rock path using glow in the dark paint is too big of a project right now, but you can keep it in mind as you think of something that is more suitable for today.
Maybe a canvas is calling you, or maybe a watercolor painting is what you need to work on today. If not, maybe you have time to start on a jigsaw puzzle, or maybe a sewing project. The ideas are limitless. If you need some inspiration, go to the local craft store, or look online for ideas.

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Life is short – enjoy it while you can!

Be creative… Live – Laugh – Love