Emf Protection From Cell

Patrick Flanagan Sensor V Emf Pendant – Emf Protection From Cell Phones/Wi-Fi/Smart Meters/Computers/Cell Towers/Radiation + Much More. Perfect Geometric Calculations By A Genius


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About the Product
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Guru David Wolfe Wears This Pendant
Increases Cellular Energy Levels
Amplifies The Body Energy Field (Aura) To Protect From Emfs.
Pyramid Engine For EMF Protection



Product Description
– invented by the genius PATRICK FLANAGAN……… – – ONLY pendant you will ever need for emf protection – – worn by gurus like DAVID WOLFE, GABRIEL COUSINS………. – – presented in the movie “Frequency of Genius” – – made from cast bronze with 24 kt gold plating. – result of 30 year development. (Waiting years for 3D CAD Program TechnologyTo Complete The Perfect Geometric Calculations) – – the sensor v is concavely curved, depth to the centre as a shallow dish. The five-sided pyramids are ‘bundled’ smaller inward and the energy in the centre of the sensor v increases. – – geometric shapes are not only drawn or calculated but perfectly and accurately constructed. – – sensor v is a vortex, according to the dimensions of the sacred geometry with 5 sided pyramids. It contains a spiral vortex in the golden section, all in perfect coordination with each other. It really generates a coherent, holographic, multi-dimensional vortex. – – the sensor v is less a jewellery piece but a pyramid engine. – – the bio-energy field of the person is a kind of “energy plan”. When testing the sensor v with a professional these changes can be observed: – – whole body energy amplified/ protects from: cell phones/smart meters/ computers/wifi/radiation etc – – when our body energy is amplified with the sensor v, it protects us from all the emfs. This leaves the body more energy to complete its normal functions like…. digestion, organ re-generation……result: more energy for you 🙂 – – take back your vibrant energy and protect yourself………

Fusion Excel® Shields – Cell Phone/Small Appliance EMF Protection

Box of 6 Fusion Excel® Shields – Cell Phone/Small Appliance EMF Protection




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About the Product
First-line defense against electro pollution from cell phones and devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
Beware of Counterfeit FusionExcel® products! This Genuine Fusion Excel® product comes with an Authenticity Card for online registration to prove the authenticity of the product.
FusionExcel® products promote positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. Helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body the products helps one to maintain health and well-being.
Fusion Excel® is Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Product Description
Fusion Excel® Technology is leading the way in Energy Medicine innovations with the introduction of its Quantum Shield. This revolutionary Quantum Shield offers the most advanced technology to address stress where you live, work and play. Its universal application means the same Quantum Shield can be applied on all your electronic tech-gadgets (wired or wireless), household appliances, etc. – all of which emit various levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Research has shown prolonged and repeated exposure to aggressive EMF and EMR causes a measurable stress response and negative shifts in the body’s key energetic systems such as the bio electric field. It also triggers a series of troubling biochemical responses. Studies have linked electro pollution to health concerns like fatigue and hyper-tension, as well as potentially much more dangerous conditions. Fusion Excel® Quantum Shield is the leader in eradicating electro pollution in the world of high technology. The ultimate first-line defense against electro pollution, Fusion Excel® Quantum Shield can be used on any appliance or device emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as mobile phones, home phones, cars, microwaves, computers, game consoles, home appliances, etc. If it plugs and plays on DC or AC currents, protect it with Quantum Shield. Quantum Shield “simply” blocks a large percentage of EMF or EMR that comes through it and it really works! Some appliances may need only 1 Quantum Shield, others may need 2, 3 or more depending on the nature of the device.

BEST selling Smart Meter Detection

1)Hf35c Rf Analyze (800mhz – 2.5 Ghz) – Perfect for Smart Meters Detection



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Rated as our BEST selling Transition or Intermediate level RF analyzer.
Detect Smart Meters, Wifi Routers, Cell Phones
Detect Cell Towers
Most Economical, Sensitive Meter for the price

Product Description
Rated as our BEST selling Transition or Intermediate level RF analyzer. Are You Ready For a Meter with More Complex RF Detection Capabilities Without Giving Up the ‘Easy Use’ and ‘Simplified Source Identification’ Features of the HF32D? Easy Use + Simplified Source Identification Features: Measuring exposure levels of RF in your home or workplace is as easy as switching your meter on, selecting measurement settings and recording the LCD displayed readings as you walk the meter through your living space. The HF35C comes accessorized with a sturdy Logarithmic-Periodic Antenna designed to make source identification simple and efficient. Readings increase when the antenna is pointed in the direction of or moved closer to offending sources. Plus.. The HF35C Offers 10 Times the Measurement Sensitivity of a Beginner Level Meter Two measurement range options provide added value when needing to assess RF emissions outside of the Course or strong range. A Fine measurement option allows for accurate detection of weaker signals. Course: 0-1999 W/m Fine: 0-199.9 W/m Increased range of sensitivity translates into superior accuracy ssional Level Upgrades Audio Analysis The meter’s audio tone replicates the patterns and intensity of measured RF emissions. Aids in source identification Peak Value + Average Measurement Settings While measurements taken on the Average Value setting provide a general impression of RF levels at a test site, the Peak Value setting reveals the highest levels of RF being emitted. The Peak Value is regarded as the measurement critical to assessing potential biological effects.


2) Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter


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Measures high frequency transients and harmonics on wiring
Ignores 50/60 Hz signal
Simple to use, just plug it onto electric outlet
Works on both 60 Hz/120 Volt and 50 Hz/240 Volt systems.
Recommend readout level is less than “50”

Product Description
50/60 Hz electric and magnetic fields are not the only pollution emitted from wiring in buidings. High frequency (KHz and MHz range) signals can be injected from appliances or lighting, or may even enter the wiring through the main power supply. Some people find this high frequency “pollution” very irritating.
Don’t just take our word for it. You can now check for this pollution yourself! This special meter can be plugged into your electrical outlets to determine the levels of EMF high frequency pollution at home or office both. The meter works equally well on standard North American outlets (2-prong, 3-prong) and GFI outlets. It can also be used with surge suppressors, extension cords, or power strips. The readout gives an indication of how much high frequency noise is in the wiring at the outlet where the meter is located. Extremely easy to use and reliable. Re-usable. Can be used on 50/60 Hz, 110-230 V systems. Has North American Style Plug but can be used with socket adapters for other countries.

If high readings are found, optional plug-in filters are available which will remove these potentially harmful signals from the wiring. Contact seller for details.