The Lemurian 54 Pyramid Power Cube – Sacred Geometry Crystal Power!

The Lemurian 54 Pyramid Power Cube – Sacred Geometry Crystal Power!



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About the Product
Size: 1″ (25 mm)
Material: Natural A Grade Clear Quartz Crystal
Design: Hand Carved By A Master Artisan
Storage: Grey Velvet and Black Satin MANU Brand Pouch Included


Product Description
The Lemurian 54 Pyramid Power Cube combines the power of the Lemurian pyramid plates with the vibration of the platonic solid geometric shape of a cube. Each piece is carefully cut and polished in the shape of a cube with each side of the cube having 9 4-sided pyramids on the 6 sides equaling 54 pyramids rising from the surfaces. The vibration of these energy pieces is simply amazing! This Lemurian 54 Pyramid Power Cube utilizes two geometric shapes — the cube and the pyramid. The Cube can be used to focus your energies before beginning any type of healing or higher vibrational energy work. Meditating on this shape will assist in grounding your energy, regaining focus, removing tensions and easing physical stresses. The basic geometric function of a pyramid is to recycle dark, sick, negative Orgone (life energy) into light, healthy, positive Orgone. The configuration of the quartz crystals allows this to happen. This energy-regenerating quality can be used to refresh and heal the energy of a person, room, office or entire house. This powerful geometric shape creation, the Lemurian 54 Pyramid Power Cube makes an excellent personal energy enhancement and can be used for Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Meditation, Dream work, Ceremony, Energy Grid, Activation’s, Environmental Space Clearing, and Feng Shui. Physical and Metaphysical Properties: Stone Crystal: Quartz Pronunciation: kwarts Color: Clear, Colorless A Grade: Clear, Translucent, Some inclusions, 10-25% Matrix Hardness: 7 Hardness Primary Chakra: All Chakras Astrological Sign: All Astrological Signs Numerical Vibration: 3, 4, and 7 Crystals are an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifying tool. They have the ability to absorb, store and release energy, information, light and vibrations. When held, a crystal increases the bio-magnetic field. It enhances metaphysical abilities and access to the Quantum Potential.

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