SHINEDA Waterproof Floating Camera Wrist Strap

SHINEDA Waterproof Floating Camera Wrist Strap for Waterproof Snorkeling Camera Camcorders

SHINEDA Waterproof Floating Camera Wrist Strap
Price: $5.99
GoPro wrist strap keep your device afloat in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Our top-quality camera float strap protects your camera from sinking with feather-soft foam filling.Don’t lose your camera or GoPro 2 ,3,4 when swimming or snorkeling, boating,surfing,kayaking,dinving. this is a cheap insurance!
Waterproof wrist straps have your camera or binoculars close at hand. Our reliable floating wrist strap wraps comfortably around your skin, snugly strapping equipment to your arm or wrist.
Whether hiking along rocky cliffs or skiing down snow-covered slopes, secure your equipment to your wrist with two dependable straps.
Durable enough to handle persistent ocean waves, our premium floating foam strap floats both marine binoculars and waterproof cameras up to 7 ounces (200 grams).
Comfortable wrist floating strap that easily slips onto your wrist,GoPro float wrist quickly dry

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