Selenite Stone Healing Wand Metaphysical Lapidary Wicca Pagan 6″ X 3/4″

Selenite Stone Healing Wand Metaphysical Lapidary Wicca Pagan 6″ X 3/4″

 Selenite Stone Healing Wand Metaphysical Lapidary Wicca Pagan

Price: $9.99
About the Product
Wand is about 6″ long about 3/4″ diameter
You will get one of the ones shown. Will vary slightly from piece to piece.
Selenite is very hard to photograph and get a good picture due to the cat’s eye effect,
These are natural and will have healed fractures and flakes within the wand, Although the outside is polished and smooth
It has a band Of Light that creates a Cat’s Eye affect!!!!
Product Description
Selenite Is An Incredible Stone With Many Metaphysical and Healing Benefits Attributed To It! It is named after Selene, The Goddess Of The Moon!!!

Selenite is a gypsum that is known for its white to clear striated crystals.

It is an emissary of white light!!! When Focused Intent It Will Bring White Light Within You, and Outside Of You!!!

Selenite calms and clears troubled minds and is useful in personal meditation and visualization. It stabilizes one’s emotions, bringing them under calm control. It is natural environmental record keeper. It assists in clarifying one’s innermost thoughts and to expand one’s mental powers.

Selenite is also used in past-life recall and in regression therapy, and can be used in any healing treatment

It assists as well with mental focus, growth, luck, immunity, and kundalini. It smooths emotions.

It is excellent in grid work to assist in drawing white light in between the crystals that are being gridded.

Selenite has also been used to enhance one’s natural beauty!

When In Spherical Shape It Imparts A More All Over Gentle And Yet Intensified Form Of Its Energy, Especially When You Look Directly At The Band Of Light. This Light Band Is An Excellent Focal Point To Ease Your Way Into Meditation!!!.

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