Selenite Palm Stones – Wishstone – Worry Stone

1)  Selenite Palm Stone – Worry Stone



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About the Product
3 inches long Approximately
This listing is for One Singular Solid White Selenite Palm Stone/Worry Stone
Please allow for slight variations in size, shape and color/patterning as this is a natural product
If you receive a palm stone smaller than the dimensions then please verify that you purchased this product from the Chrysalis Stone. We can only guarantee The size and quality of products sold through us.

Product Description
Selenite: Selenite – Palm Stone – Worry Stone. These Selenite Palm Stone – Worry Stones are 3 inches long. Selenite has a very noticeable calming effect. I noticed it the first time I picked one up. I felt the energy pulse in my hand and I felt a calm fall over me that changed my prospective in life. That experience sent me on my path that eventually lead to the Chrysalis Stone. Selenite is an excellent crystal for meditation. Selenite is used for opening the Crown Chakra and Calming the mind. It works best when placed on the crown Chakra, but has an overall effect even when placed in your hands at your side. Selenite should not be placed in water to cleans. This crystal becomes brittle and will dissolve in water. Use Sea Salt to cleans, and sunlight to charge Selenite. White Selenite has a distinctive grain and makes beautiful displays and can be carved or shaped into very unique pieces,


2)  1 (One) Large Crystal Selenite Spiritual Healing Massage Palmstone with Certificate of Authenticity Beverly Oaks Exclusive


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About the Product
1 (One) Large Crystal Selenite Spiritual Healing Massage Palmstone
With Beverly Oaks Certificate of Authenticity 100% Genuine Crystal Selenite
Pictures are stock photos taken in house of our inventory
Average size is 70mm in length and 50mm in width
A Beverly Oaks Exclusive Supplier Item

Product Description
1 (One) Large Crystal Selenite Spiritual Healing Massage Palmstone with Certificate of Authenticity Beverly Oaks Exclusive. Average size is 70mm in length and 50mm in Width. A Beverly Oaks Exclusive Supplier Item. Each piece is chosen at random For Meditation, healing, enhancements, reiki, and other spiritual practices. Selenite has many wonderful properties such as providing mental clarity, increasing heightened awareness of self and of ones environment. Opening doors to allows one to see inner truth. Promotes success in business and assists in accessing past lives.


3) One 55 – 70 MM Selenite Palmstone Wishstone Crystal Healing Chakra Gemstone #01600



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Product Features
Hand carved and polished in Morocco!
Measures: 50-65 MM Weight: 40g – 112g or 1.5 oz – 4 oz
The more you buy the better deal you get on shipping!
Certificate of authenticity back by reputational guarantee of Body Mined and Soul LLC

Product Description
These are beautiful Selenite Palm stones, often called worry stones or wish stones, hand carved in Morocco. Great pristine white color that radiates beautiful energy! Perfect for chakra healing, crystal healing, Feng Shui or just decor! Fits well in the palm of your hand. Comes with (1) authenticty certification backed by reputational guarantee of Body Mined and Soul, certifying your product to be made %100 Natural Selenite from Morocco.

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