Psychic Readings by Phone

Receive psychic readings by phone from the clairvoyant creator of Energy Healing Stone Therapy.

Spirit’s psychic source is seeking you out anxiously awaiting to communicate with you.

psychic-readings-by-phone-energy-healing-stone-therapyPsychic readings by Energy Healing Stone Therapy will provide accurate information about life issues, past, present and future. You can ask questions to get clarity on life issues, relationships, romance, career, health, and finances.

Identify “blocks” that are slowing success and achievement, not just generic advice from a fortune teller.

Psychic readings by phone provide the highest degree of in depth accuracy in regards to your psychic abilities, questions, issues or messages and spirit guidance and direction.

Energy Healing Stone Therapy phone readings offer a personal connection that allow for a deeper exploration of your questions. Similar to in-person readings, phone readings provide you with immediate feedback.

Getting your psychic readings by phone is your best choice when you desire a more personal connection.

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You must be 18 years or older.

psychic-phone-readings-energy-healing-stone-therapyINDIVIDUAL READING BY PHONE
Book your psychic reading by phone today and allow me to share the guidance and messages I receive with you during a private call where you can ask questions and get a deeper meaning and reach more powerful insights.
Phone reading special $250

FOLLOW-UP READING (30 minutes, by phone only)
Do you need some clarification after your recent reading? You are eligible for a follow-up session ONLY if your reading was with me, and it was less than 90 days ago. I will connect with your spirit guides and angels to help clarify information. This session is for 1 person. It is NOT a connection with deceased loved ones.
SPECIAL: $185.

“Emergency Appointment” meaning a same day reading
the cost is
$350.00 for 60 minutes

$289.00 for 30 minutes

$166.00 for 15 minutes

Be sure to have a pen and paper on hand during your reading so that you can take notes about any messages or insights that you do receive!

I understand that life events may at times make it necessary for you to reschedule your appointment. You may do so by contacting me up to 24 hours before your appointment. In the case of emergencies, either on your end or mine, I will do my best to reschedule you at the earliest available time.

I respect your time and will do my best to be on time for all scheduled readings, and I expect the same courtesy from you. If, for some reason, you don’t answer or are unavailable for your reading I will have to consider you a no-show and you will forfeit your payment. There are no refunds for no-shows.