Oval Worry Stones,Palm Pocket Stone,Healing Crystal Chakra Therapy Geometry,Assorted Stones,

1) rockcloud Oval Worry Stones,Palm Pocket Stone,Healing Crystal Chakra Therapy Geometry,Assorted Stones,Pack of 7


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Pack of 7 Oval Stones,polished,smooth,hand carved,vary slightly in size and coloration.
Pocket Stones–Weights 0.85 ounces/piece;Approx:1.7×1.3×0.43″(44mmx34mmx11mm).

Fit easily in a pocket,perfect to hold in hands,daily carry, wrap, place in grids or any place else you wish to.

Worry/Palm Stones-feel great to hold in your hand for relaxation or anxiety relief.

Enhance meditation,aid in healing the mind,body and spirit.Strengthens the heart and allows energy to flow through the heart chakra properly.

Assorted Stones:contain 7 kinds of natural gemstone,have huge power,enhance meditation,aid in healing the mind,body and spirit.
Best Gift Choice–Oval worry stones make very special personal gifts.Arrive to someone full of positive energy and cleansed of all negative vibrations.


Product description

Color:Assortted Stones(pack of 7)
Worry stones(palm stones,thumb stones)are smooth,polished gemstones,used for relaxation or anxiety relief.They are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one’s thumb back and forth across the stone.


awareness visualization,intuition,psychic abilities.

Enhances happier moods very noticeable.

Clear’s negative entities.

Helps reach higher vibration of energies.

Helps cleanse the chakra’s.

Carved from Natural Gemstone,each piece is unique,picture is only for your reference,the size and the color may vary from each other.


2) rockcloud 1 lb Tumbled Polished Stones Gemstone Supplies for Wicca,Reiki,Healing Crystal,Assorted Mixstones

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Quantity:1 lb(About 460 Grams)
Size Details(Approx):0.7-1″,Note:Polished of natural stones,each size and color may be little different.

High quality smooth,polished crystal stones,can be used for crytal healing,meditation and metaphysical practices.

Mixed Stones:contain many kinds of natural gemstone,it has huge power,enhance meditation,aid in healing the mind,body and spirit.

Perfect for Cabbing,Cutting,Lapidary,Jewelry Making,Crafts,Home Decor,Education,and many other purposes limited only by your imagination.



Product description

Color:1-mixed Stone
You will receive 1 pound natural polished stones.Most of the stones are natural,some of them have been artificial color enhanced.

Place on an altar or poured into a small offering bowl,can be used as home decoration.
Perfect for Cabbing,Cutting,Lapidary and Reiki Crystal Healing.
Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or health care information.



Holistic 7pc Chakra Orb Set with Glass Healing Stand, Chakra Balls Include Amethyst, Lapis, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Yellow Japser, Green Aventurine


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CHAKRA HEALING: Carved & tumbled for smoothness, the natural crystal orbs used to put this holistic healing set together are commonly used for reiki, spiritual healing, meditation, rituals, chakra cleansing + more!

7 CRYSTAL BALLS: Our crystal ball set includes a total of 7 different gemstone globes: Amethyst , Lapis, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Quartz Crystal & Yellow Japser.

GLASS STAND: Finished with grooved dish sittings, the solid glass stand included with this chakra orb set displays the 7 crystal globes, prevents them from rolling, removes negativity & charges their energy.

SUGGESTED USES: We suggest placing the natural crystal set on a mantle, an altar, a nightstand or a desk, incorporating the pieces into your whimsically wonderful crystal grids or using them to meditate with.

READY TO GIVE: This decorative chakra crystal set is one of our bestselling gift ideas! This is why we package each crystal set with stand in an elegant gift box. All you have to do is wrap or bag it before giving.


Product description
Your 7 chakras frequently need to be balanced and tended to, which is why we have designed this all-in-one healing crystal set!

Each healing crystal ball set includes 7 gemstone orbs, one for each chakra. (Amethyst = Crown, Lapis = Heart, Red Jasper = Sacral, Yellow Japser = Root, Green Aventurine = Solar Plexus, Quartz Crystal = Throat & Carnelian = Third Eye).

Since you’ll of course need a way to store and display your new chakra crystal balls, this set comes with a slabbed base carved out of glass. It acts as a charger, leaving your crystals free of bad vibes or pent up energy and full of healing powers.

These gift boxed crystal sets with stands are selling out fast. Don’t miss out!