ONE RARE & POWERFUL STARBRARY LITHIUM ATLANTIS STAR SEED QUARTZ CRYSTAL WAND! ALL WITH METAPHYSICAL CONFIGURATIONS! MUSEUM QUALITY!one-rare-powerful-starbrary-lithium-atlantis-star-seed-quartz-crystal-wand-all-with-metaphysical-configurations-museum-quality


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Absorb More Energy From Crystals!
Connects You To Your Higher Self!
Inner Peace & Aura Healing!
Relieves Insomnia & Stress!
Enhances Psychic Abilities and Meditation!
Product Description
You will be amazed at the incredibly energy of this gorgeous Lithium Atlantis Star Seed Quartz Crystal Wand from Brazil! You will receive One Lithium Atlantis Star Seed Quartz Crystal Point. The photo is a stock photo to show an example of the stone that you will receive. It is not the exact stone that I will send you. However, I only select crystals that specifically volunteer to go with you so you can be sure of a perfect match. Average size range is 1 1/8″ to 2″ long by 3/8″ to 1 1/8″ wide. In millimeters this is to 28.5 to 50mm long by 9.5 to 28.5mm wide. Most will be in the larger end of these ranges. I always select the largest & highest quality crystals available for you. These are all high quality Lithium Crystals and all of them have metaphysical configurations! The colors are vivid and high quality just like the photos. I do not search these crystals, so you may receive powerful configurations such as Starbraries, Dows, Record Keepers, Manifestation Crystals, Twins and more! Color & shape will vary somewhat from crystal to crystal. Lithium Quartz Crystals have powerful properties of profound healing, emotional peace, release from tension & stress, and awakening your higher self! Upon first touching or holding a Lithium Quartz crystal, you may feel gentle yet powerful energies moving through your body. The heart chakra will open, followed by a wave of pleasant euphoria! In the next moment, the third eye is stimulated and you may feel rhythmic pulsations of positive energy flowing into all the the mind centers. They can be used to activate any of the chakras. They will enhance the depth of meditation as well as the quality of the inner visions received. These crystals have been charged and cleansed in the recent full moon, which is known to dramatically increase a crystals power! The energy of these crystals is quite intense and extremely powerful!

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