Nubian Orgone Pyramid Pendant Set

Nubian Orgone Pyramid Pendant SetNubian Orgone Pyramid Pendant Set

Price: $60.00
Larger, more powerful design – Pyramid is now 6 inches high with 4 inch base. Pendant is 1 inch.
The Nubian Orgone Pyramid combines Nubian pyramid technology with orgone energy. Due to the steeper slope of the Nubian pyramids, they have been reported to be as much as 20 times more powerful than most other pyramid designs. Includes a complimentary orgone energy spiral pyramid pendant.
Copper wire wrapped crystal point at apex of pyramid. Generator crystal embedded in middle of this orgone matrix. Wire vortex spirals are positioned on all four sides for extended energy flow in all directions.
Powerful EMF protection. Enhance resilience to stress; Increase sense of well-being – Assist mental clarity
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Product Description
The Great Pyramids found throughout the known world have enshrined and preserved timeless wisdom which is now coming to light. The Nubian Pyramids have a steep 72 degree slope due to it’s alignment with the sacred geometric Golden Ratio (or Golden Mean) of Phi Φ…1.618 (aka Fifonacci ratio). This sacred geometric ratio has been used for millennia to design and build sacred and healing spaces (the original design behind steeples, obelisks, sacred mounds, pineal gland, etc,).

Russian scientists have reported using the Nubian Pyramid design with amazing results – faster healing, increased food nutrition, bigger crop yields, balancing EMF, dispersing radio-active elements in the immediate environment (please goggle for further information concerning the Russian pyramid experiments). These extremely tall Russian pyramids were built using only PVC pipes and fiberglass. They report that the steeper slope of the Nubian pyramids actually heightens the benefits of pyramid power.

Copper Coiled Crystal Laser Point
Four wire vortex spirals
Resin spiral base
Silicon sand
Fine crystal sand
Metal shavings

*Pyramid – approx. 6 inches high; 4 inch base
Pendant – approx 1 inch

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