KALA Sea Salt & Vinegar Crunch, 5 Ounce

KALA Sea Salt & Vinegar Crunch, 5 Ounce


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About the product
5oz pouches of roasted fava beans with sea salt and white distilled vinegar
Plant Based Protein
Good Source of Fiber
Resealable pouch

Discover a beautiful balance of health and flavor.
Wholesome, tasty and packed with nutrients, KALA is a healthy source of plant-based protein and fiber. Gluten-free, trans-fat-free and simply delicious, KALA is the perfect delivery system for a vast array of irresistible flavors. Wrapped in a conveniently portable, re-sealable bag, our humble yet versatile beans offer endless possibilities. At KALA, we’re just getting started, so stay tuned!

Plant-based protein
Healthy source of fiber
Portable, re-sealable bags

Quality in Every Bag
We believe that quality is the best policy, and our distinctive KALA snacks are no exception. KALA snacks are proudly made by Bush Brothers & Company, better known as Bush’s Beans. Reimagining our top-quality beans as a convenient, healthier snacking alternative, we discovered irresistible new flavor combinations for an all-new, delicious and satisfying snack. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

The Fava Bean is so Dense, it’s Smart
The nutrient-dense fava bean is a perfect choice for roasting, creating exceptional texture and taste. Our top-quality fava beans are brimming with protein and fiber.

Sea Salt & Vinegar Crunch
Roasted fava beans with sea salt and white distilled vinegar. Available in 5 oz. re-sealable bags and 0.75 oz. single serving pouches.

Product description

Style:Sea Salt & Vinegar Crunch | Size:5 Ounce
KALA is a celebration of beans. They’re beautiful, delicious, and great for you. Every one of our blissful blends uses whole ingredients you can see. Because we use beans, we can achieve a better balance of health and flavor. KALA Sea Salt & Vinegar Crunch features roasted fava beans with sea salt and white distilled vinegar. They are light, crunchy and packed with all the healthy goodness of beautiful beans in every bite. Welcome to inspired snacking.

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