Himalayan Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier Hand Carved Romantic Heart Shaped Rock Crystal on Neem Wood Base. Enjoy this Eco Friendly Work of Art!

Himalayan Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier Hand Carved Romantic Heart Shaped Rock Crystal on Neem Wood Base. Enjoy this Eco Friendly Work of Art!



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AIR PURIFIER DOUBLING AS A SOURCE OF LIGHT: Our Himalayan salt lamps are capable of releasing negative ions into the air causing home air purification and a feeling of natural wellbeing. With the use of a lamp dimmer switch the uses can vary from a dim glow night light to a light of medium intensity. Higher light settings emit more negative ions due to increased salt temperature, and help to clear the air of allergens, dust, pollen, electrosmog and other impurities.
IT CREATES A NICE AMBIENCE IN YOUR HOME: The dimmable salt lamp with its soothing beautiful light and air purifying characteristics brings divine harmony to any room, office or yoga space. The pink lamp base made of neem wood is attractive, durable, and has a very pleasant scent. Each Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp is handcrafted and a unique work of art
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND SAFE: Himalayan pink salt lamp is made from natural rock salt from the Himalayan Mountains and the crystal lamp base made of Neem tree wood.
YOUR CHOICE IS SIMPLE: In the first 30 days, if you do not LOVE your double heart Himalayan salt lamp, you may return it with no questions asked for a full refund.
EXCELLENT GIFT: Romantic sentimental and practical gift for any occasion. Smart lighting and good quality air are the very basics of good Feng Shui decor


Product Description

The Double Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp includes hand carved salt rock crystal in the form of a double heart shape. Appearance of each Himalayan salt lamp heart varies according to concentrations and positions of mineral veins and deposits. The Himalayan pink crystal salt lamp itself is created by drilling a shaft into the bottom of the rock salt for insertion of the light fixture and screwing it securely to a Neem wood base. It also includes a 6 ft electrical cord with dimmer switch. It comes with a 15-watt/120VAC light bulb. Salt lamp bulbs above 25 watts should not be used because the salt should not get “too hot”. Negative ion emissions and air purification are increased by higher settings of the dimmer switch, resulting in higher salt temperature. Hymalian sea salt lamp should stand on coasters, pedestals, or glass surfaces when not lit in an environment above 85% humidity. At higher humidity, cold salt lamps can collect moisture from the air, resulting in damage to wood surfaces. Please refer to our instruction manual after receipt of heart salt lamp. The 6 ft light cord, dimmer switch, and light socket provide reliable dependability. The lamp weighs from 6 to 7 lbs. This natural organic eco-friendly salt lamp is shipped in a recyclable box, resulting in low negative impact to the environment. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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