EMF Protection Personal Energy Field Device. GOLD International AWARD as Radiation Shield for EMF/EMR Blocker Protector – Best Neutralizer and safe space scalar Schumann resonances

EMF Protection Personal Energy Field Device. GOLD International AWARD as Radiation Shield for EMF/EMR Blocker Protector – Best Neutralizer and safe space scalar Schumann resonances



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About the Product
✅ GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONE PROTECTION: Our device generates Schumann resonance waves of 7.83 Hz — a healing energy that helps negate the damaging effects of radiation and restore optimal balance to the body.
✅ THERAPEUTIC DESIGN: Made of 16 semi-precious stones, rare metals and special oxides with superior magnetic properties in precisely measured and balanced quantities to support optimal health.
✅ SLIM & EASY TO USE: This shielding device is small and compact. Put it in your pocket, purse or wallet or slip it into your binder to take everywhere you go. It’s a portable EMF neutralizer!
✅ WINNER of the GOLD MEDAL AWARD at the Salon International de Inventions!
✅ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We love our customers! If for any reason you’re unhappy with our award winning EMF blocking device, we’ll provide a full refund.

Product Description

Size:2.75in x 2.75in  |  Color:Black

OUTSTANDING EMF Protection and Energy Field Enhancement Device

Neutralizes EMF From Virtually ANY Consumer Electric / Electronic Device

The QuanTHOR Personal Energy Field Device not only protects you and your family but converts the interfering radiation immediately sending a coherent life enhancing field.

BENEFITS of using QuanThor Personal Device:

  • Geo Stress Protection
  • Safety for children – Use around their cell phones, tablets, handheld gaming devices
  • Turns  radiation effects from harmful to harmless on human DNA
  • Effectively removes the harmful currents that tend to accumulate in the body bioenergy field
  • You Feel  More alert, More energetic,  Greater stamina, Grounded, Fewer headaches, Less fatigue
  • Generates a protective and beneficial field around your body
  • Helps ground your bioenergy field into the earth’s electromagnetic field


Simple Powerful Device to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From EMF Radiation.

Unique combination of elements blended for optimal protection:

  • semi-precious stones
  • rare metals
  • special oxides
  • Jade, galena, zirconium, gold, silver, titanium, magnesium, zinc, selenium
  • elements with superior magnetic properties

You might not fully understand Earth Resonance of 7.83Hz (Schumann resonances) until you try it. Take QuanThor with you while exercising, sleep with it under your pillow… And let your body feel the difference!

Keep it with you and You’ll have Full EMF Radiation Protection 24/7

We live in the 21st century, the technology grows exponentially and as you may feel, it’s only the beginning.

But are you aware how many side effects are created at the same time?

We can’t see it, but it (EMF Radiation) may be having a more negative effect on our health than most other toxins. ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) is produced mostly by the conveniences of the 21st century: electric appliances in our homes, overhead power lines, and Radio-Frequency devices like cellphones & cellphone towers, wireless internet, electric Smart Meters, etc

Technology has definitely created huge benefits in our lives but excessive time spent on using Wi-Fi and mobile devices can negatively affect you and your family with short & long-term consequences.
The good news is these negative issues surrounding technology can be managed and kept under control.

QuanThor has been designed especially for you, to protect you from the EMF radiation  exposure. This way you can achieve more while enjoying a happier and more fulfilled life.

With  QuanTHOR you can have both: the technology and all the vibrant health
QuanTHOR – empower your choice!


Harmonize the EMF radiation coming from:

  • small home devices (wi fi, tv, cell phone, cordless phones)
  • notebook/desktop computers
  • refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, blenders
  • power lines
  • cell phone towers
  • street lights

Slip this into your purse or pocket and enjoy personal EMF protection from electronic devices, electrical wires, cell towers, & WiFi – wherever you go!
• Compact and portable
• Durable waterproof construction
• Pleasing texture and geometric shape
• Great holiday, birthday, or anytime gift!


• Transforms EMFs into harmless energy fields
• Helps balance the body’s chakras
• Schumann wave resonator — 7.83 Hz

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