Emf Protection From Cell

Patrick Flanagan Sensor V Emf Pendant – Emf Protection From Cell Phones/Wi-Fi/Smart Meters/Computers/Cell Towers/Radiation + Much More. Perfect Geometric Calculations By A Genius


Price: $710.00
Sale: $649.00 + $29.00 shipping
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About the Product
Customer Service 6472198936 (Cell)
Guru David Wolfe Wears This Pendant
Increases Cellular Energy Levels
Amplifies The Body Energy Field (Aura) To Protect From Emfs.
Pyramid Engine For EMF Protection



Product Description
– invented by the genius PATRICK FLANAGAN……… – – ONLY pendant you will ever need for emf protection – – worn by gurus like DAVID WOLFE, GABRIEL COUSINS………. – – presented in the movie “Frequency of Genius” – – made from cast bronze with 24 kt gold plating. – result of 30 year development. (Waiting years for 3D CAD Program TechnologyTo Complete The Perfect Geometric Calculations) – – the sensor v is concavely curved, depth to the centre as a shallow dish. The five-sided pyramids are ‘bundled’ smaller inward and the energy in the centre of the sensor v increases. – – geometric shapes are not only drawn or calculated but perfectly and accurately constructed. – – sensor v is a vortex, according to the dimensions of the sacred geometry with 5 sided pyramids. It contains a spiral vortex in the golden section, all in perfect coordination with each other. It really generates a coherent, holographic, multi-dimensional vortex. – – the sensor v is less a jewellery piece but a pyramid engine. – – the bio-energy field of the person is a kind of “energy plan”. When testing the sensor v with a professional these changes can be observed: – – whole body energy amplified/ protects from: cell phones/smart meters/ computers/wifi/radiation etc – – when our body energy is amplified with the sensor v, it protects us from all the emfs. This leaves the body more energy to complete its normal functions like…. digestion, organ re-generation……result: more energy for you 🙂 – – take back your vibrant energy and protect yourself………

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