Electric and magnetic field Electrosmog Meters


1) Cornet ED88T Electrosmog Meter



Price: $189.95 + $6.29 shipping


RF: 100MHz to 8GHz (0.5uW/m2 to 1.8W/m2 = 14mV/m to 26.2V/m)
Magnetic1: 50Hz to 10KHz (0.1uT to 60uT) / (1mG to 600mG)
Magnetic2: 50Hz to 1KHz (0.01uT to 1uT) / (0.1mG to 10mG)
Electric: 50Hz to 50KHz (10V/m to 1000V/m)
RF Frequency display: 100MHz to 2.7GHz (-35dBm or higher required)

Product Description
For low cost and versatility, you can’t beat this device. It measures both types of low frequency EMF (electric and magnetic fields) plus high frequency radiowaves (microwaves). Covers a very wide frequency range with good sensitivity. Antennas are internal so there is nothing to lose or break off. There are 2 ranges for magnetic, permitting the user to check for both very weak and very strong fields (up to 600 mG). What is unique about this meter is that it also shows the frequency of the predominant RF signal (up to 2.7 GHz). Fits easily into a pocket or purse for easy travel. Includes sound/alarm and backlight, either of which can be turned off. Uses 1 standard 9V battery. Model ED88T.


2) Acousticom 2 RF Meter Radio Frequency Meter EMF Protection. Affordable, Small, Accurate, High Quality RF Detector – Protect Yourself from EMF



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The Acousticom 2 Radio Frequency and Microwave Meter/Detector, SMALL, ACCURATE, AFFORDABLE! With sound function. Frequency Response: 200MHz – 8 GHz will measure all types of wireless radiation. BRAND NEW, Includes Case and 9v Battery
The Acousticom is a user-friendly, accurate RF measurement instrument, providing easy to read LED lights, measuring the spectrum from TETRA all the way up to and beyond the 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies. It also has an audio output enabling you to hear the signal modulation you are measuring to discern what type of wireless device it is. These features make the instrument the most useful one available at this price, to even those with severe electrosensitivity.
Readings are shown by graduated LED lights. The LEDs update rapidly, allowing you to quickly gauge the levels in an area and find any hot-spots. This is the RF meter my customers have been waiting for! Accurate, portable, and affordable. Yes, the more expensive Acoustimeter gives more information. However, if you need a quality, accurate RF meter, with sound function and dont want to spend $455 for the Acoustimeter, then the Acousticom 2 is perfect!
The Acousticom 2 is an easy to use, accurate, microwave RF measurement instrument which is ideal for carrying around. It uses the same advanced microwave detector as the more expensive Acoustimeter.
The Acousticom 2 is designed to enable you to make a quick and informed judgement regarding the level and nature of radio frequency and microwave radiation in your environment. Measures range from 200 MHz to about 8000 MHz (8 GHz), which covers the frequencies used by most modern communication systems encountered in our environment. The Acousticom was designed using the experience gained from many years of practical RF and microwave measurements.

Product Description
Technical Specifications: – A line of colored LEDS displaying Peak exposure levels in V/m (Volts per meter) – Measurement range: 200 – 8000 MHz ±6 dB – Sensitivity (Peak Display): 0.01 – 6.00 volts per metre (V/m) 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.1 0.3 1.0 3.0 6.0 V/m; (0.5 to 100,000 µW/m)2 – The speaker may be switched on and off – An alarm sounder at higher exposure levels (may be disabled) – Power source: 1x PP3/MN1604 9 volt Alkaline or Rechargeable – Power draw: 40 to 90 mA (depends on the sound volume) – Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery – Low battery indicator, the green ‘on’ light turns red – Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxD); – Weight: 140g incl. battery WARRANTY: The Acousticom 2 comes with a 2 year return-to-base Manufacturer’s Guarantee. It is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects, but not against wear from normal use, nor damage caused by water or by physical impacts such as from dropping it. It has a degree of overload protection built-in, but it should not be used next to high powered RF transmitters that are likely to grossly overload the unit. Approach these with caution and watch the displays to avoid gross overload.

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