Aura-Reiki: Using REIKI to HEAL the AURA Book

Aura-Reiki: Using REIKI to HEAL the AURA

Aura-Reiki: Using REIKI to HEAL the AURA Kindle Edition Book

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Nowadays, we are all familiar with the concept of the aura, which is, in fact, a subtle body of energy that is found around and inside the human body. An ever-increasing number of healers, scientists, and physicians have discovered that by treating the aura, it is possible to exert a positive influence on mind, body, and spirit.

Reiki is a method that is rapidly gaining in popularity; it is based on the creation of a link between cosmic energy and an individual’s personal energy in order to improve his or her condition.

Years of study and treatments prompted Bill Waites to create a practical method for treating and healing the human aura by means of Reiki. This method is called “Aura-Reiki,” and is described in this practical guide.

Aura-Reiki is an effective and simple method that enables the individual to enjoy a good quality of life, longevity, and maximal health. It can be self-administered, or administered in a small group.

Bill Waites, a former lawyer and economist, gave up a flourishing legal practice and business in order to study Reiki at its source in the Far East: Japan, China, and India. Master Naharo, a well-known guru and Reiki Master from Poona, India, was Waites’ first teacher.

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