Amethyst Orgone Merkaba Star “The Sobriety and Spirituality Stone”

Amethyst Orgone Merkaba Star “The Sobriety and Spirituality Stone” Positive Energy Generator Crystals Lucid Dreaming Meditation Tools Sacred Geometry Tetrahedron Home Decor Third Eye Awakening Stones

Amethyst Orgone Merkaba Star -The Sobriety and Spirituality Stone
Price: $12.49 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49

Listing for 1 (one) Orgone and Amethyst Merkaba Star
measures 3/4″ – 1″ width x 1 – 1 1/4″ diagonal; perfect size for palm during meditation or placement on windowsill/desk/end table to uplift environment energy
each is a unique handcrafted piece
includes anti-tarnish velvet pouch for storage and travel
clear resin shaped into Merkaba Star contains orgone and crushed amethyst

Product Description:

Handmade Merkaba Star made of resin contains gold shavings of orgone and beautiful light purple amethyst crystal shards.

Orgone works as a non-organic metal that acts as a magnet for environmental energies when placed near organic materials. It’s able to change negative (dead) energy to positive (living) energy. If sensitive to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), orgone can protect you from harmful damage of wireless and electronic devices. Orgone helps heal energetic blocks in the body and allows us to experience life with flow and joy.

Amethyst is one of the best known gemstones used for spiritual connection, purifying auras, and enhancing intuition. When amethyst is placed near the bed it helps induce lucid dreams, restful sleep, and alleviate nightmares. Known as amethystos (“not intoxicated”) in ancient Greece, it was commonly used to instill a calm and serious demeanor while overcoming addictions. Amethyst benefits include increased flow of life force, emotional and mental balance, and growing awareness of the SELF.

The merkaba tetrahedron is known as the “chariot of God” in Hebrew and Mer (rotating light) Ka (spirit) Ba (human body) in ancient Egypt. The shape serves as a dimensional doorway into states of higher consciousness and oneness experiences. The combination of amethyst and orgone not only cleanses and promotes peaceful spiritual enhancement, but also connects to the energy field of consciousness (also known as unconditional love) through the shape of the merkaba star. A perfect tool for awakening, ascension, and experiencing oneness

Because of the nature of handmade gemstones, you will be receiving a unique and individually crafted item to use as a meditation tool, energy enhancer, or spiritual home décor. The size, colors, and shape may have a slight variation from the photos. Each piece is gift boxed with love.

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