SHINEDA Waterproof Floating Camera Wrist Strap

SHINEDA Waterproof Floating Camera Wrist Strap for Waterproof Snorkeling Camera Camcorders

SHINEDA Waterproof Floating Camera Wrist Strap
Price: $5.99
GoPro wrist strap keep your device afloat in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Our top-quality camera float strap protects your camera from sinking with feather-soft foam filling.Don’t lose your camera or GoPro 2 ,3,4 when swimming or snorkeling, boating,surfing,kayaking,dinving. this is a cheap insurance!
Waterproof wrist straps have your camera or binoculars close at hand. Our reliable floating wrist strap wraps comfortably around your skin, snugly strapping equipment to your arm or wrist.
Whether hiking along rocky cliffs or skiing down snow-covered slopes, secure your equipment to your wrist with two dependable straps.
Durable enough to handle persistent ocean waves, our premium floating foam strap floats both marine binoculars and waterproof cameras up to 7 ounces (200 grams).
Comfortable wrist floating strap that easily slips onto your wrist,GoPro float wrist quickly dry

Hallmark Jewelry Mom & Family Sterling Silver Mother and Child Pendant Necklace

Hallmark Jewelry Mom & Family Sterling Silver Mother and Child Pendant NHallmark Jewelry Mom & Family Sterling Silver Mother and Child Pendant Necklaceecklace

Price: $42.40
Necklace featuring polished sterling silver pendant depicting abstract mother and child design
18″ cable chain with spring-ring clasp

Product Description

Our lives are filled with love stories. Every love story is made of moments to treasure — little steps, lifelong promises, meaningful experiences, unforgettable celebrations. Hallmark Jewelry was created to help turn those moments into memories that last forever.

Each piece of heartfelt jewelry is crafted in quality materials, and carries a sentimental message to keep or share with someone special.

We’ve also created a new way to shop, focused on important occasions, celebrations, and the reasons we give jewelry, so that you can always find the perfect gift or keepsake.

Whether it’s for you or someone you love, to commemorate a special occasion or preserve a cherished memory, jewelry from the heart of Hallmark helps you celebrate the moments that make up all of your love stories.

Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches

CottageCutz Universal Shim Plate Die Cuts

CottageCutz Universal Shim Plate Die Cuts

CottageCutz Universal Shim Plate Die Cuts

Price: $10.95
COTTAGE CUTZ-Universal Shim Plate
This package contains one 5-1/2×7-3/4 inch metal shim plate
The Universal Shim Plate is designed to work with most popular die-cutting systems

Product Description:
COTTAGE CUTZ-Universal Shim Plate. The Universal Shim Plate is designed to work with most popular die-cutting systems. This package contains one 5-1/2×7-3/4 inch metal shim plate. Made in USA.

Cricut Cuttlebug Machine

Use the Cricut Cuttlebug Machine, V2 Green to make cut outs that will emphasize your good energy. Add this to your scrap booking supplies. Make your own happy images, cards and scrap booking pages. Have fun with it and enjoy creating more great energy and love in your life today!

Cricut Cuttlebug Machine

Price: $50.00
Design: Basic
Cricut Cuttlebug accepts the dies you already own
Cricut Cuttlebug loves the materials you love, freeing you to cut and emboss from a wide range of crafting materials.
Compact fold-n-store profile allows storage in less space than other leading machines
With a built-in pop-up handle, the Cricut Cuttlebug goes wherever you find inspiration
Box contents include: Cricut Cuttlebug Die Cutter & Embosser, 1 A Spacer, 2 B Cutting Pads, instruction booklet and 1 5×7 flower embossing folder
Comes with all necessary cutting pads you need to get started
User manual
Bonus embossing folder: simple flower

Fun Express Bulk Faith Stones

Fun Express Bulk Faith Stones Novelty (1 Dozen)

Fun Express Bulk Faith Stones
Price: $10.99 Faith Stones. Assorted styles
Sizes may vary
Each piece shrink-wrapped. 2 1/4″ – 2 3/4″ Natural stones

Product Description:

Faith Stones. Assorted styles. Each piece shrink-wrapped. 2 1/4″ – 2 3/4″ Natural stones, sizes may vary.

Energy healing tools…

Energy healing tools…
There are many tools that can enhance energy healing.

Since everything is some form of energy, there are also things that conduct and increase energy.

Some of my favorite tools include a copper singing bowl, a fire and ice crystal, and a copper wand.  These tools can be used in different ways to increase the energy around and in you.  As you strike the singing bowl, with a wooden striker, a distinct sound resonates depending on where you hit the bowl, and the force used when you strike it.  It can be a quiet benevolent soft ding, or pressure can be increased to bring about more sound, resulting in  a loud vibrant dong. Each sound initiating it’s own energetic healing vibration.

The copper wand can be held in the palm of your hand, or placed on other areas of the body to increase or balance energy wherever you need it.  It is quite amazing because copper is a great conductor of energy and electricity, and allows energy not only to be generated but also to flow freely, unblocking stuck or stagnant energy.  Leave the wand in place for a few minutes to an hour, or carry it with you all day for the best results.

My other favorite tool is a fire and ice crystal.  I have many crystals, and enjoy them all.  Some of my crystal stones are amethyst, some are quartz, and some are citrine.  Crystals can increase energy, or balance energy.  They can help you feel grounded or give you a boost in vibration.  Choose which ever one resonates with what you need and keep it close to you or place it on one of your chakras for best results.  Working with crystals can be exciting and fun or calming and reverent.

Try using the tools you have to increase your energy.  You can start by feeling the earth or grass beneath your bare feet.  Just stand still for a few minutes allowing the ground to permeate your feet.  Breathe deeply as you fill your lungs with air.  Exhale deeply, and keep repeating the process until relaxation occurs and you feel connected to the earth beneath your feet.  Then try holding a crystal or copper bracelet or your favorite stone and see how much better you feel by adding an enhancing tool. Keep this process going until you are able to feel your own waves of energy. Practice feeling energy and soon you will have more control over how your energy feels.

If you need help raising your energy level, level of vibration, or to become more balanced and happy, contact us at “Energy Healing Stone Therapy” for more information, or join our mailing list for ongoing, upcoming events and classes.

Live life to the fullest – Every day, and be compassionate to everyone, including yourself!
Be happy,
and keep doing the things that make you happy!

Leave the past in the past and enjoy the day you have right now!

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

© 2016 Energy Healing Stone Therapy


Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball

Price: $20.00

As seen on TV
Free DVD included to teach you dozen of illusions
Ages 12 and up
Fun for all Ages
Innovated Product

Product Description:
Fushigi is a brand new, dynamically designed ball used in the mysterious art of contact juggling. With Fushigi the operator exploits the reflective properties of a sphere through specific hand and body isolations and movements that are designed to give the appearance that the Fushigi sphere is moving on its own or even floating. Using Fushigi is an incredible, therapeutic form of relaxation. The art of maneuvering a reflective sphere through mind and body isolation and manipulation creates the illusion that the sphere may be defying the laws of gravity, as if the sphere is moving on its own.

Chakra Healing Set

Chakra Healing Set
Chakra Healing Set – 7 Piece Assorted Polished Gemstones with Stone Bracelet

Price: $14.99
Colorful gemstone assortment set and bracelet for Chakra Healing
Assortment set of 7 different gemstones: Artificial Opal, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Orange Aventurine, Red Jasper, and Tiger Eye Jasper.
Each Stone has been tumbled, polished and will measure between 1 to 2 inches on its longest side.
Includes colorful bracelet made from real gemstones: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Orange Aventurine, as well as dyed crystal for the following colors: Light Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red.
Due to the natural materials used you will receive polished gemstones similar to the shape and orientation shown.