A Course in Miracles Made Easy Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love

A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love




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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) – the self-study spiritual-thought system that teaches the way to love and forgiveness – has captivated the minds and captured the hearts of millions of people. Delivering inner peace where fear and pain once prevailed, its universal message is unsurpassed in its power to heal. Yet many students report that they have difficulty grasping the principles or keeping up with the lessons. So even while they yearn for the spiritual freedom the Course offers, they put the book aside, hoping to get to it one day.

Alan Cohen, ACIM student and teacher for more than 30 years, takes the big-picture ideas of the Course and brings them down to earth in 22 concise, easy-to-understand chapters. Featuring entertaining examples, stories, and real-life applications, this unique, reader-friendly guide will prove invaluable to longtime ACIM students and newcomers alike.

A Course in Miracles Made Easy is the Rosetta stone that will open doors for you to understand the Course and use it to generate practical, healing results in your life.


A Course in Miracles (ACIM) – the self-study spiritual-thought system that teaches the way to love and forgiveness – has captivated the minds and captured the hearts of millions of people. Delivering inner peace where fear and pain once prevailed, its universal message is unsurpassed in its power to heal. Yet many students report that they have difficulty grasping the principles or keeping up with the lessons. So even while they yearn for the spiritual freedom the Course offers, they put the book aside, hoping to get to it one day.

Alan Cohen, ACIM student and teacher for more than 30 years, takes the big-picture ideas of the Course and brings them down to earth in 22 concise, easy-to-understand chapters. Featuring entertaining examples, stories, and real-life applications, this unique, reader-friendly guide will prove invaluable to longtime ACIM students and newcomers alike.

A Course in Miracles Made Easy is the Rosetta stone that will open doors for you to understand the Course and use it to generate practical, healing results in your life.

Master The Power:– Insider Methods to the Worlds Most Extraordinary Qigong, Healing, & Energy Producing Techniques

Here are Just Some of The Astonishing Skills You’ll Learn How to Do

Move objects with Chi Power without touching them * Move an object with your eyes only * Extinguish a candle flame with your eyes only * For speed faster than a cat, try this test * Lift a bowl of water with Yin Chi * Learn how to make select breaks * Ring the chimes with a Yang Chi throw * Repel bird, dogs, with your eyes only

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Harnessing your internal Chi Energy is no more difficult than any other skill, you just have to know how to do the technique and use your body the way God created it to be used……

It has taken over 20 years of years learning this material at a cost of thousands of hours, not to mention the financial cost to travel and learn these techniques.

Some of these techniques were taught at a very great expense! Some of these techniques, we had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn from those who knew them!

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(Notice: This is the same course that professional magicians, mentalists and others have studied)

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Some People Say They Want Skills, But How Many Are Really Ready To Do Something For Those Skills?
The original Chi Power Plus course was created in the 1980’s and has sold the world over. It consisted of a booklet, poster and audio cassette. I later adapted it to add more exercise, training files, audios and videos to the system (See Below).

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Pressure Points Master the Power News

This is A Scientific Method of Development for Your Internal Energy Much The Same Way Bodybuilding is for Your Physical Body
This also has nothing to do with magic, witchcraft or any type of tricks….

This has to do with training your body how to function at a much higher level and increasing the sensitivity of your body for increased energy production and output….

This also has nothing to do with martial arts training (although it could, if you are a martial artist). This has to do with increasing the internal muscles of the body and increasing your overall energy.

Just like musclemen and bodybuilders lift weights and build up their muscles (external body), this system instructs you how to build up the internal musculature of the body (internal body)……

As a matter of fact, we have found that just about every culture and society has an understanding of the true “Internal Chi Training”, and we have learned a vast amount of information from Asian, Russian, American Indian, Eastern Indian, African instructors as well as others from different cultures……

Can you imagine what it will be like when your internal body is the equivalent of an “Arnold Schwarzenegger” External Body? You’ll be able to do the things listed above and many more wonderful techniques…….

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Almost Sounds Too Good To Be True Right?

Pump Up Your Chi Like They Did…
Well one of our students, Sifu Dan F. of Michigan said his energy increased so much that one day, his wife almost passed out when she walked in to his personal “Chi Training Room”…..

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Here is what several of our students had to say about what we teach and how it works…

Because of the unusual nature of our training, some of our students prefer to be anonymous. When you study our methods, your secrecy is paramount.

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Simplicity = Accelerated Learning & Skill Development…
The key to the effectiveness of this system is it’s simplicity…

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It is not uncommon to see entire groups of people doing Chi Gung training in a park or outside area on a daily basis…….

Systems Within a System.Truly Profound…
In fact, this system has probably 10-15 different methods of energy cultivation alone. These methods segmented out are a lifetimes worth of study and they are at your disposal 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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Energy Healing for Everyone

“Grandmaster Energy Healer And Chinese Herbalist Comes Clean Regarding The Secrets
Of Healing With Your Mind,
And Finally Reveals The Simple Yet Proven Methods Taught By The Gurus And Only Passed Down From Teacher To The Most Deserving Students…Until Now!”

Grandmaster Energy Healer, Traditional Chinese Herbalist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Teacher, Ordained Minister and Third-Level Black Sash Martial Artist From Illinois Teaches You How to Turbo-Charge Your Immune System, Reduce Stress, Create Healthy Living Patterns and Develop Unlimited Energy Reserves… Simply and Easily! Discover How He’s Taught Hundreds of People to Heal Themselves and Others Using the Power of the Mind!

Even if You Have Never Heard of Energy Healing… Even If You’ve Never Tried It or Had Any Success Using Other Methods… Even If You Have Chronic Recurring Medical Conditions That Never Seem to Get Better (And Especially Then!)… Right Here on This Page You’ve Found The Health Improvement System You’ve Been Looking For!

Dear Friend,

Hovey Williams, Expert energy healer image
Hovey Williams, Founder of the Mission Energy Healing Institute™ in Geneva, Illinois

You’re about to discover what might very well be the most powerful health system ever developed.These are the same techniques, methods and practices used by the ancient Taoists and Asian Health Science Practitioners for centuries to achieve amazing feats of body-mind-spirit connection, and to promote health and longevity in individuals up to a century old or more.

My name is Hovey Williams and over the past three decades, through a process of rigorous study, application, testing and refinement, I’ve developed a simple yet extremely powerful and effective system for reprogramming the body into creating healthy patterns using little-known and heretofore esoteric secrets learned directly from my teachers, hailing from China and elsewhere, who are Grandmasters in their respective fields themselves.

While many of my honored teachers came from a tradition of master-to-student learning, and allowing only a select few to learn the key elements of their systems, I believe we have reached a point in history where these methods, and their benefits, should be available to all. Health is one of our most important possessions – and everyone deserves the right to have a long life, health, happiness and fulfillment. Thus I have created Energy Healing For Everyone – my definitive guide to helping you, your friends and your loved ones in achieving that goal.

These are the very same techniques I use on a daily basis with my clients in my personal practice in Illinois. While they draw from many ancient traditions, I have also incorporated advances developed from many years of practice and use for myself and my clients, and created a synthesis that I feel is the easiest, most powerful,and effective that I have seen. It is truly on the cutting edge of today’s energy healing technology. If you would like to learn how toheal with your mind… either for yourself or others… without using herbs, ‘focusing objects’, or draining your own energy, then this will be the most important web page you will ever read. I personally stand by these methods, and my clients will agree!

And it doesn’t matter what religion you are, or even if you are religious at all – these methods are universal and work for everyone, regardless of what you believe or who you pray to. (I also cover when and how to ask for divine or angelic assistance when healing, and how to tailor that to your particular beliefs, within the course below).

“I have spent 15 years looking for simple ways to help my busy clients improve their health. This ground-breaking work turns complex healing methods into the simplest, most accessible tools I have ever encountered. Almost anyone can immediately improve their lives by applying the principles in this gem of a course.”

Jill Zastresek,
Director Sound Wellness, Alternative Health Center, Illinois

“Whether you are new to energy work or have years of practice under your belt,Energy Healing for Everyone provides clear, concise, practical ways to benefit your life, starting immediately. A landmark work that is instantly accessible, powerful, and life changing. I highly recommend this course.”

Glenn Liptak,
Professional Energy Healer, Singapore

“As a Real Estate professional, I work with many different clients every month. While many are truly wonderful people, there are others that end up wasting your time and draining your energy, and I used to come home tired and exhausted some nights. The current economic situation didn’t help, either. Since discovering Hovey’s fantastic course, especially the methods discussed in chapter 11, I have a renewed sense of energy and optimism, and enjoy getting up in the morning again. Thank you, Hovey Williams, for giving me the knowledge to stay focused and keep the negative people from affecting me. I couldn’t be more pleased with your program.”

Beth Broderick
Realtor, New Hampshire

“Since I started doing Yoga several years ago, I have been introduced to many different types of alternative health practices by my friends including Reiki and Ayurvedic medicine, taking weekend workshops, etc. This is by far the most effective course I have done, and it cost a fraction of some of those workshops I’ve shelled out for in the past. Thank you for creating a program even someone like me can understand!”

Wendy Dickerson,
Miami, Florida

“I’ve been a massage therapist for many years, and am constantly working on improving and expanding my skills for my clients. I am also a Certified Usui Reiki Master. Once I discovered your course, I found it filled in the gaps in my knowledge that Reiki didn’t quite cover. Even my clients noticed a difference. Thank you for making a course which makes even the more advanced techniques easy to understand and use. Well done!”

Charles Hardy,
California, USA


Energy Healing is Easy to Learn

Learning how to Heal With Your Mind doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I created theEnergy Healing for Everyone program specifically with the beginner in mind. And, I included information useful to even the most seasoned of practitioners. The course is written in a format similar to the For Dummies™ and Complete Idiot’s™ guides – in other words, great content, with no filler, that you can use to start getting personal results today.

But this is far more than just a Dummies™ guide – it is a complete, Holistic Health System for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of energetic imbalances – ones that will lead to illness in the body if left untreated. While some of these concepts are rather advanced in terms of their results, I have spent a lot of time in breaking down these practices into simple steps so that they can be understood, and applied by, all who are willing to learn. And from years of teaching at both the high school and college levels, I know how to communicate with my students in ways that both increase understanding and retention, and are fun at the same time! I know my enthusiasm for this is infectious, and soon you will be as excited and motivated to learn about it as I was.

Now, for the first time ever, the same energy healing system that has helped thousands of my personal clients and students in creating a healthier life and overcoming illness is available to you in a single, information packed, e-course:

Introducing “Energy Healing for Everyone“: A Complete
Energy Healing System Based on Proven Techniques of The World’s Most Accomplished Mind Healers

Energy Healing for Everyone” (EHFE) is a two hundred page energy healing system available in downloadable e-book format, filled with many of the advanced methods previously known to only a small handful of the world’s best mind healing experts, gurus and masters. This program contains all the information you will need to help you remove energetic blockages, improve your immune system, heal minor and major health problems, and eliminate bad habits or patterns permanently, without adverse side effects and without using drugs, herbs or unnecessary supplements found in other (including many Western) approaches.

Here’s Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Learn When You Download Your Copy of Energy Healing for Everyone Today:

  • How to de-program your negative thoughts and emotions, and replace them with positive ones

  • Which organs in the body you should NEVER energize directly – and how to treat imbalances in them safely

  • How to become sensitized to energy fields, and learn to feel or even see their shape and outline

  • Why it is better not to heal for some cases and in certain conditions

  • How to use Energy Healing on pets and other animals, as well as people

  • The proper way to remove barriers to healing

  • The right steps and progression that should occur during a healing session – and why the wrong steps can cause more harm than good!
  • When clients don’t want to get well – and what you can do about it

  • How to manifest your thoughts and intentions into reality, and create the life you desire for yourself and others
  • Why laughter truly is the best medicine!

  • How to dispose of the negative or diseased energies and imbalances that you will remove properly – and how to keep them from being re-absorbed by the client, or even the healer!

  • How to heal most minor, moderate and ongoing problems – and what to do with clients having severe problems or terminal illness

  • When is it appropriate to refer the client out to a doctor or other health care professional

  • How to improve both your relationship and your financial situation with the same methods you use for healing

  • How to assess what’s going on with the body, and deciphering how those imbalances are detected and interpreted by your senses

  • The one type of client you should NEVER heal!
  • The four types of imbalances you will encounter regularly, and the best ways to treat them

  • Which parts of your energy body are responsible for repelling germs and negative energy, and how to revitalize them
  • Where energy can leak out from your field, and how to repair these holes

  • How to heal at a distance, and how distance or proximity affects healing

  • When, and how often, to heal based on the type and severity of the illness
  • How to heal yourself with Energy Healing, not just other people

  • How to re-integrate the client after the healing session so that the work you have done takes hold and is assimilated properly

  • How to prevent illness before it starts, and setting up the proper environment both at work and at home to keep those problems from occurring

  • What preparations you should take as a healer before starting to work on someone, and why they are important

  • What is the Rule of Seven, and how to apply it
  • How to ask for divine assistance when healing, and when to use angelic guidance… regardless of your own personal belief system
  • How to avoid getting drained when doing healing – and become energized instead!


And believe me…. this is just the beginning! Energy Healing for Everyone is so much more than just an “e-course” – it’s a complete system for total health – possibly the most comprehensive system for healing ever developed! No hype, no B.S., no gimmicks – just the FACTS you need to know to start healing yourself and others NOW.

No Matter What Your Health Goals Are, You Can Start Using This Powerful System RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Health And Energy!

Everyone’s goals are different. Some want to be able to run a marathon once a week. Others would like help in curbing their appetites and removing addictive behaviors. A few may simply want to have a pain-free day from old injuries so they can walk without limping, or are experiencing back pain from sitting in an office chair for long hours. And, there are those who may be suffering unwelcome side effects from taking costly prescription medications and want a safe, effective alternative that provides real relief. Whatever your goals, Energy Healing for Everyone can help.

The More You Read, The More Confused You Become!

There seems to be a fair amount of misinformation on this subject out there. Some of it comes from ‘New-Agey’ sources that provide some feel-good messages, but have little practical information. Others provide some details, but seem to be missing essential (and often key) elements – and some of it is just plain wrong or even dangerous! Healing with the mind can be very powerful, and it is important that you learn to do it properly. If you’re frustrated, bewildered and confused by all this conflicting information, then Energy Healing for Everyone is THE SYSTEM that will finally make everything as clear as glass.

Have you ever had one of those “Eureka moments,” when the answer to something that was confusing and confounding you for ages just comes to you immediately, almost effortlessly? Well, that’s exactly what will happen when you finish reading this course. You’ll finally be able to say, “Now I get it!” All the pieces of the puzzle will finally fall into their proper place. And with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to move mountains.

Has Conventional Medicine Let You Down In The Past?

Here’s an (unfortunately) common scenario for many people: you have a medical problem, and go to the doctor for help. After a barrage of expensive tests and several office vists, you now know exactly what the problem isn’t, but not what it is. Your doctor refers you to a specialist for your problem. You start to experience a sense of Deja Vu, and once again, the new physician can’t help you. They attribute it to general stress, and put you on anti-anxiety medication – problem solved…

…Except that it’s not really resolved, is it? Does this seem familiar to you? While there is definitely a place in health care for conventional medicine, and ‘Western’ approaches, sometimes this approach falls short. Oftentimes, a doctor may see a patient for five or ten minutes, ask a few questions, and try to form a diagnosis based on the short time they actually spend with you. This doesn’t always make for a good treatment protocol, to say the least. It’s probably a big reason why over 100,000 people die every year from medical errors and bad prescriptions given by doctors in the U.S. alone!

Wouldn’t it be better if the body could actually “Tell you” what was wrong?

What if you could get assistance in healing from a source that was 100% accurate, and always gave the person exactly what they needed – and none of what they didn’t?

What if you could prevent problems from occurring in the first place, and dramatically lower your health care costs so they are manageable or even nonexistent?

What if you could take back your health, live a better, more fulfilling life, and help your friends and family to do the same?

By using the Energy Healing for Everyone program, the good news is:

Yes,You Can!

Heal With Your Mind | Energy Healing for Everyone image2

The Trillion Dollar Problem

According to the AARP: Last Year, Americans spent more than $2.4 TRILLION on health care costs! That’s more than we spent on food. In a study conducted recently by the Congressional Budget Office, in the past 30 years health care spending has risen two percent faster every year than the rest of the economy. And currently, almost 50 million Americans have no health insurance at all.

With trillions at stake, the greedy, bloated pharmaceutical companies will tell you anything to get you to buy their medications, and lobby both congress and your local doctor to push their products on you – whether or not they have dangerous side effects, are ineffective, or worse. The fact is, health care is big business, and hospitals, and drug companies and insurance offices are out to make a profit, plain and simple. The industry is so loosely regulated in some areas it allows them to get away with murder – literally! All of this serves to increase a doctor’s and hospital’s malpractice costs – which they pass directly onto you, the individual.

Believe me, I understand what it feels like to be blown off by doctors, spend money on inconclusive tests, and come out with little or nothing to show for it. Many of my clients came to me for the very same reasons.

I had the same experience – until I met the right teachers, and began to learn and refine the techniques that I’m about to show you. The right teacher can make all the difference – and usually does. And after all the benefits and positive change this has made in my own life, it’s now time to give something back. That’s why I’m doing this.

Why I Decided to Turn My Energy Healing System Into an e-Course

For centuries, the only way you could get this information was to find the right guru willing to teach you and become their dedicated student. And when my teachers finally convinced me that I myself was ready to start teaching, I took on a limited number of individuals as students, and conducted one-on-one hands-on training sessions and seminars for a select few. These sessions typically cost $50-60 an hour or more, and several hundred dollars for a weekend seminar. And that’s if I could even take you on as a client – I usually had a waiting list of people that I had to turn away for lack of room, as my existing students and my private practice were a full time commitment on my part.

I decided that the only way I could possibly give back and continue to help more people would be to put my energy healing system into a written format that was simple, complete, easy to understand and easy to apply. Then I would make it available to anyone truly dedicated to self-improvement with the sincere desire to learn and the willingness to make a change in their life. And that’s exactly what I have done.

Because the e-course is downloadable, you can order it right here on this web page from anywhere in the world and get started TODAY. Thanks to technology and the Internet, justminutes from now, with a couple of mouse clicks, you will be one step closer to putting these amazing methods to work for you!

So What’s the Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Complete Program Cost?

I have some great news for you! Since there are no printing costs involved, you can get this e-course for much less than it would cost if it were a hard copy manual – AND you get it instantly (no waiting for the less than speedy postal service delivery!) Your investment in this life-changing e-course during the initial launch is currently only $97 $47! (Note that this is a limited trial offer at this price, and it may increase at any time). For less than the cost of a trip to the clinic, you get the two hundred page e-course and FREE ENERGY HEALING FOR EVERYONE updates (as and when updates are made), all for just $97 $47!

Once you place your order through Clickbank’s secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download the Energy Healing for Everyone e-course and get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-course is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy and put in a ring binder or notebook.



That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve downloaded your e-course, read the entire manual from cover to cover. Then take action and start immediately! The course is designed to be easy to read and implement, so you can get started today!

While you can use Energy Healing for Everyone to treat and get relief for certain conditions immediately – safely and effectively – you will see the best results by using these methods continually, over a period of time. That is when you will start to see a boost in your immune system, reduced levels of stress, and the reduction and elimination of the factors which caused the imbalance in the first place. That is the right path towards a long, healthy life and personal fulfillment.

Let me give you an analogy that illustrates this process more fully. Anyone who does gardening or has cared for plants will understand immediately. Plants need several things to survive and thrive: light, water, nutrients, soil, and perhaps, a little love and TLC. However, imbalances that start to occur in the plant – either from lack of nutrients, an imbalanced pH, too much or too little water, and the like – will continue for some time before the plant starts to show any outward signs. Only then will you see yellowing or drooping leaves, or any evidence at all that an imbalance is present.

When it comes to your health, people are much the same. Once physical problems start to manifest themselves, the energetic imbalances that caused them have usually been going on for some time. So by removing these imbalances and preventing new ones from taking hold, the problems are removed before they ever manifest in the physical body. This prevention is one of the keys to good health, and a long, happy life.

Best of all, once you know how to use these methods, maintaining your good health is an easy process, and only takes a few moments of your time when done regularly, week after week. You can do it, too – and more easily than you thought possible. So start making positive changes in your life and get your copy of Energy Healing for Everyone TODAY!



For Less Than the Cost of One Personal Energy Healing Session, You Can Now Learn The Inside Information That The World’s Best Energy Healers Have Kept Shrouded in Secrecy For Centuries!

Look at it this way: The money you invest in this program is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you’ve probably wasted on ineffective treatments, useless supplements, prescriptions with adverse side effects, and other methods that didn’t even work, let alone determine the problem. It’s even less than any good physician or competent energy healer or ‘light worker’ would charge for one hour!

The best news of all is that the cost of this course is absolutely nothing unless the program works for you because you also get an…


100% money back guaranteeYour satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the course closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 8 weeks. Use the program to the max.

If you’re not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if Energy Healing For Everyone helps you become healthier and more balanced than you’ve ever been before, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved – and tell all your friends about it too.

If you’re even remotely interested in learning how to improve your own health and the health of other people, then you owe it to yourself to try Energy Healing for Everyone today. If it’s not for you, I’ll understand. Frankly, this program isn’t for everyone. The vast majority of the people in this world are going to keep looking for that quick fix, without truly investing in themselves and taking the proper steps to do so. But I don’t think you would have read this far if you were the type of person to follow the crowd, and typical conventions – which are often wrong, and can do more harm than good.

Energy Healing for Everyone has already worked for thousands of people throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. My system can work for you too. If you’re tired of methods that don’t work and you’re ready for ones that do, and if you’re sincere about wanting to reach your health goals, then make a decision that could transform your life today! As motivational speaker Tony Robbins says, “Make it so today is not like yesterday, and tomorrow will be different forever.” Right now, if you don’t decide to take the first step towards better health and an improved quality of life, then you’re deciding to keep doing and feeling the same as you always have. And when it comes to your health, that’s a compromise you may find you can ill afford to make.

I look forward to helping you along the path to good health, and know you will discover the same benefits and fulfillment out of these methods that I have. May you live every day to the fullest. To your health!

Sincerely, Your Friend (Namaste),

Energy Healing expert Hovey Williams

Hovey Williams

Reiki Course

 “I Thought I Would Never Learn Reiki But Contrary To My Reiki Teachers Prediction, I Became a Powerful Reiki Master Using a Simple Fool-Proof Technique, After Years of ‘Trying’ You Can Too!
Here’s How…”

Soon, you’ll finally have the POWER to Heal your family, friends (and yourself) by simply following this Revolutionary Reiki Learning Technique.

— Bruce Wilson


Dear Future Reiki Master,

Mikao Usui Reiki CreatorLet me start by asking you this simple question…

How long have you dreamt of becoming a Skilled Healer with the Ability to Heal Yourself and Others? A Reiki Master?

Well, if you’re like most people with the same dream, you’re likely to answer by saying you’ve always dreamt about learning the arts of Reiki.

Mikao Usui – Reiki Creator
But, there are only two things stopping you..Time And Money!

Look anywhere, you’ll find many ways of learning Reiki, including Internet Courses and Local Reiki Classes among others…

All of which have something in common, they charge Thousands of Dollars…and require years of dueling training to get Certified.

“Learning Reiki is Expensive and Time Consuming..Or Is It?”

According to what Reiki Teachers state…

To Learn Reiki, it is Required to:

Sit for Reiki Classes and get Attuned to Reiki by a Certified Reiki Master

Follow Entire Reiki Classes that include many sessions each before moving to the next Reiki Level.

Undertake a Minimum of 2 Years to Become a Reiki Master.

But you know what?

The truth is that Reiki Teachers want you to believe the above points because:
“The Longer You Take To “Learn Reiki” the More Money They Make Off You!”
Just before I tell you how I discovered this, let me tell you a little about myself…


My name is Bruce and around 15 years ago, I suffered from depression and anxiety attacks; for no apparent reason. I visited countless doctors. These being dumbfounded by my symptoms did nothing except prescribe me drugs on top of drugs.

None of the prescriptions stopped my pain and suffering.

One day, my wife told me that a Reiki Practitioner was visiting my Local Church. At that time, I didn’t know what Reiki was, nor did I cared.

But, even though I was very sceptic, my wife told me that I should take a look. I was convinced that it was going to be just a waste of time, but didn’t want to start an argument, so we went to see this Reiki Man.

We went to the place where the Reiki Man was showing his skills. At first, I wasn’t impressed. He looked like the average old man. Nonetheless, my wife “Made Me Volunteer” to go on stage.

Then, something happened!

As soon as he touched me, I felt like some energy was radiating from his hands.

The tension of anxiety and depression left my body, I was shocked…

Could this be? All that I suffered from for so long was like gone away.

“Finally, I was relieved… at peace… This is a moment I’ll Never Forget. ”

After that life changing event, I wanted to learn more about Reiki and its healing properties.

I didnt wait for long, and the following day I had booked a Reiki Class.

It was not cheap, but what I felt was beyond comprehension and being able to do something like that is really priceless.


The first day at the Reiki Class was very exciting and the Reiki Teacher thought me that:

x-noReiki is not learned in the usual sense, but is transferred from a Reiki Master to his student after sitting for Reiki Classes.

x-noReiki use is not dependent on one’s intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore is available to everyone.

Months passed by and I received my Level 1 Attunements from my Reiki Teacher.

With those Attunements I was supposed to be able to “Heal Myself And Others”.

Unfortunately, it seemed that it was not working.

I talked to my Teacher about it and he told me that sometimes one needs to undertake Reiki Level 2 to see any difference because the most advanced Attunements are used to “Empower the use of Previously Received Symbols”.

So, I sticked to the classes. Two and a half years later I was finally given the “Reiki Level 2 Attunements”.

“But there was only One Problem, whenever I tried to do Reiki Attunements on Myself or Others – I failed miserably.”

Nothing was happening and people thought I was just playing around – and Reiki was simply a way to steal their money!

I spoke to my Reiki teacher and he told that sometimes one needs to undertake a “Reiki Level 3 Class to see any difference”.

What? I was told the same words like 2 years earlier when the “Reiki Level 1 Attunements” didnt work!

This was an eye opener to me, and I came to my senses. It was everything clear!

I had no doubt that “Reiki is For Real” – I was the living proof of that.

But my concern was, could these so called reiki classes be just a way to rob people out of their money?

After all, what I was told when I first started reiki was:

That Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred
to the student during a Reiki class.

After doing some research, I learned 2 important facts about Reiki’s Origin:

“Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 whilst performing Isyu Guo, a twenty-one day Buddhist training course held on Mount Kurama. ”

From an Inscription on his Memorial Stone

“After Usui’s death, Mrs. Takata, a student of Usui, took over as president. She felt that money was something that Western people understood and respected and this would help create the appreciation and gratitude for Reiki that was needed. She decided that $10,000 would be a large enough sum to instill the respect needed for the Reiki Master attunement. She also set the fees for Reiki I at $175 and Reiki II at $500.”


Reiki History

So, it was clear. Reiki was “DEVELOPED” by Mikao Usui – and not passed to him!

And, the fee structure to learn Reiki was first setup so that people would appreciate Reiki.

And to make Reiki Masters Rich!

After all, if people knew that Reiki could be learned outside of a Reiki Class, who would be so crazy to waste so much time and money on such classes?

But What does Mikao Usui had to say about Reiki?

“Work on your heart and do things from the quiet space inside of you. Anyone can access Reiki, because it begins within yourself!”

The Usui Memorial

“The Truth Is That: You’re Already a Reiki Master , You Don’t need to Pay for Any Expensive Reiki Classes.”

Since that moment, I spent countless hours researching about Reiki, practicing and doing a lot of meditation. My aim was to learn Reiki the same way the original Mikao Usui did. And I managed to do just that!

And that was 15 years ago.

From that day on I’ve devoted my life to teaching others the powerful miracle of Reiki using a simple technique – without the need to sit for even a single Reiki Class!

“How a Revolutionary System Can Turn You Into a Reiki Healer in Hours!”

Now, I’ve created a Reiki Program that’ll show you exactly how to become a Reiki Master in just hours.

I’ve taught Reiki to thousands of people as well as used my skills to help people overcome a number of health issues.

I will teach you…

check-markThe most effective way to unify the body, mind, and spirit.

check-markThe ability to allow the body to heal itself.

check-markAn optimized balance of the body’s organs, while the system is naturally harmonized.

check-markTo reduce blocks in energy flow and re-energize the current energy flow throughout the body.

check-markWays to increase spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

check-markTo sleep better and wake up fully energized.

check-markSteps that contribute towards reducing blood pressure and supporting the immunity system.

check-markPain and Stress Relief.

check-markHow to combat anxiety and depression.

check-markTo tackle recurring problems, such as asthma, eczema and headaches.

check-markThe secret for minimizing side-effects after surgery or chemotherapy.

check-mark…And more!


The best part is that I’ve put everything I know into an easy-to-use system and called it Usui Reiki Healing Master. With my system you’ll be guided through the process of learning to heal yourself (and others) with the power of Reiki.

Even more important is that my system’s uniqueness from other programs evolves around the concept that everyone can learn Reiki, without the need of any Attunements.

You will learn how to use the positive energies of Reiki that is Already Within You – to Heal Yourself And Others.

And the entire transition of getting the skills of a Reiki Master is no longer than 48 hours, and a few weeks to perfect.

Just think… in 48 hours (24 if you’re determined), you’ll discover the personal and spiritual development unknown to many.

The “Usui Reiki Healing Master™” System Consists of :

Usui Reiki Healing Master SystemUsui Reiki Healing Master System

The Usui Reiki Healing Master system will guide you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use the Power of Reiki to Heal Yourself and Others. It’s very easy to learn Reiki with the right technique and anyone can do it with just a little effort.

You don’t need to sit for any time consuming and expensive Reiki classes because my system will teach you everything, from the most basic to the most advanced technique – all of which you will learn in the comfort of your own home.

The Usui Reiki Healing Master system includes:

REIKI Level 1 – The First Degree (Reiki Practitioner)
REIKI Level 2 – The Second Degree (Advanced Reiki)
REIKI Master Level – The Third Degree (Reiki Master)


HD Reiki Classes by Reiki MastersHD Reiki Classes by Reiki Masters
The Usui Reiki Healing Master system also includes Reiki classes in HD Video.

You will learn Reiki by watching Reiki Masters performing Reiki symbols and hand positions in front of you.

It will be as if you are sitting for a Reiki Class.



3 Reiki Certificates3 Reiki Certificates
You’ll get 3 Reiki Certificates:

Reiki Level 1 Certificate
Reiki Level 2 Certificate
Reiki Master Level Certificate
All you need to do is to enter the name you want on your Certificates, click the submit button and your Reiki Certificate will be ready for download. Then, you can frame it on your wall or display it on your own website.


120 Minutes of Authentic Reiki Music120 Minutes of Authentic Reiki Music

Over 120 Minutes of Authentic Reiki Music that can be used in your meditation, therapy, chanting or simply as a way of relaxation.

Reiki Music is always very sought after because authentic tracks that are considered “Real Reiki Music” are difficult to make given that the author needs to be a Reiki Master as well as a Gifted Composer; a rare combination. The tracks are 12 minutes each and include a gentle bell every 3 minutes (to help you keep time). They contain no sudden sounds, drums or rhythms, allowing complete tranquility.


Ongoing E-mail SupportOngoing E-mail Support

Ongoing E-mail Support by Bruce Wilson, the Usui Reiki Healing Master Author.

If you have any question or clarification, simply send an e-mail on my personal address and I will get back to you in no time.

I will always be there when you need me.


And here’s what others are saying about “Usui Reiki Healing Master™”:

“This is by far the best reiki course I have ever followed. During the attunements I feel as though I could see my mind’s eye and that I am being lifted by wings made of pure energy. It is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for creating a system that is easy for me to understand and follow.

I definitely feel much more energized when performing attunements. I have been studying Reiki for a few years and have been certified up to Reiki Level 2. I am looking forward to getting my Masters Certification. I now feel like it is only a step away thanks to your online course.”


“I just want to let you know how grateful I am that I found your Reiki program. I had previously sat for reiki classes and was ecstatic to see that you offered the same online. The latter was full of useful information that was laid out magnificently. I did not know how appropriate an online course would be to learn reiki but you proved it to be worth every penny. I would recommend your program to everyone! ”


“Usui Reiki Healing Master gave me the attunement and enlightenment I was looking for – FAST.
Thanks for creating a system that is not only easy to follow but also effective. I have suggested it again and again to my friends who were interested in Reiki. I am sure that they will be just as satisfied as I am ”

“About a month ago I have received an attunement. I felt as though we had a true connection that day and was aware that you knew how appreciative I was at that time. I wanted to send a follow-up message to inform you that my Reiki abilities have grown exceptionally because of your program.

In my opinion Reiki is the ultimate life healing force. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me to be able to better channel the energy I needed in my life. I would highly recommend your system to anyone who needs to get control of things in their life. ”

“A few of my friends were diehard believers in Reiki but I was not. I thought it was a complete and total crock because they explained it in a fashion that made it seem very ridiculous. I decided to look into it for myself to see if I could learn anything about it that they were not telling me. As a result, I am now an avid believer and have found my attunements to be amazing. I find myself trying to explain Reiki to everyone that I meet. I often just tell them to take a look at your course because everything is explained so well. Thanks for making a quality product that is truly changing lives, including mine.”
–William Smith

“After learning Reiki Level 1 I knew that I could not stop there. I was lucky enough to find your system and am so glad I did. I was able to quickly master all the different sides of Reiki. I got exactly what I needed from it without spending an arm and a leg to sit for the usual Reiki classes. You truly made a world of difference in my life. ”

“I never thought that internal enlightenment could be so beneficial to my daily life. I took your Reiki course with great disbelief and much skepticism because I thought it was going to be a waste of time. Fortunately, I was able to learn more from your system than I did when I sat for the classes at a Reiki school. I will definitely be more open to new things because of the impact that your course has had on my life. I want to shout from the rooftops that everyone should give your Usui Reiki Healing Master system a try if they want to fill their life with joy and inner peace. ”

“I have been a long time sufferer of many health conditions. I had to take so many different medications on a daily basis that it actually got difficult for me to keep up with which one to take when. A friend of mine introduced me to Reiki. I was instantly hooked on the way that it made me feel. I have finished my Reiki 1 and 2. I invested in your course because I was interested in being able to learn more about Reiki without having to go to a school. I had a few questions along the way and was able to email you and get back a quick response. Admindo”

* Testimonials Published With Client Permission.


And that’s just a small sampling of the THOUSANDS of people who have successfully followed Usui Reiki Healing Master™.

Now, wouldn’t you want the ability to create such a positive impact on others (or yourself) like these people did?

Well, you should know… getting started is super easy. You’ll finally be able to get the training of a real Reiki Master, in no time.

Soon, you’ll know exactly how to increase the health of your friends, family, and loved ones. The only thing that’s required is your willingness to follow the step-by-step guide that’s provided and practise the exercises given.

“Your Chance to Become a Reiki Master…
…Without the High Cost ”

Now, you’re probably wondering… “What’s the Cost?” Knowing your past experiences with other high-priced Reiki instructors, located across the world, I can understand your concern.

But, just for the sake of asking, how much would you pay for a product like Reiki Healing Master, knowing you can get the knowledge and certification in only 48 hours right from the comfort of your home?

Most likely, you’re thinking… $1,000? $2,000? $4,000?

Congratulations to you. You’ve done your job. The prices you guessed are well within the average for a course such as the Reiki Healing Master course, not including the travel costs.

Another option is to see those close to you continue to suffer from serious ailments for years… and years.

Or, you can invest in Reiki Healing Master for the low price of Only $47!

Yes, you read right. You should also know, the only reason I’ve lowered this price is to spread the word that you can get certified in Reiki without spending a fortune and get the skills needed to start immediately in as little as 48 hours.

But, you must hurry, because the special price is only available for the next 50 34 3 people who order ONLY.

On top of that, you’ll get a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee

“100% Money Back Guarantee – My Program WILL Work for You – Or You Don’t Pay!”

“Act Now and Get All These Books – Absolutely FREE!”

Once you see how Easy and Powerful is to Learn Reiki with my Usui Reiki Healing Master™ system, you’ll want to take steps to help improve other areas of your body too.

Maybe you’d like to lose a few extra pounds and have a beautiful body to go with that gorgeous new sex life you’ve uncovered!

Maybe you’d like to learn more about nutrient-packed, supercharged foods you can add to your diet for Maximum ENERGY without Maximum CALORIES (Extra Energy can be Quiet Useful in Bed!)

How to Treat Common Illnesses and Complaints with All-Natural Remedies so you don’t have to subject your body to harsh chemicals or side-effect-ridden pills.

Superfoods For Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina

Chlorella and spirulina are truly the most astounding food sources on planet Earth. In this special report, you’ll learn about the astonishing health benefits and nutritional achievements of these two foods, and you’ll see why you need to get these into your diet immediately..

Most people have heard of chlorella and spirulina, but they don’t really know the details of why these are truly the best food sources on the planet. For example, did you know that, ounce for ounce, spirulina contains twelve times the digestible protein of beef? It’s a far better protein than beef, and it contains a much healthier mineral balance (such as magnesium) that just isn’t found in beef.”


The Healing Power of Water

Physicians rarely promote the curative properties of H2O, but Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. has studied water’s effect on the human body and has found it to be one of the best pain relievers and preventative therapies in existence. Dr. Batmanghelidj shares his research and stories about “The Healing Power of Water.”


177 Ways To Burn Calories

If you struggle with weight gain it’s a good bet that you have tried at least one of the “fad” diets that crop up on a regular basis.

The truth is some of these diets may grant you temporary weight loss. In the usual case, however, the weight returns as soon as you stray from the diet.

The bottom line: you gain weight because you consume more calories than your body is able to use and no diet is a substitute for good eating habits…


Supplementing With Superfoods

Superfoods are jam-packed with the big three for optimal health – nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. They are the power your body is looking for in food…the power you don’t always give it!

It’s as if nature has loaded all the nutritional necessities into one neat package. These are the colorful variety of foods you’ve been hearing about, the “rainbow for your plate”…a gift of benefits to your well being.


The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet

Have you tried one diet after the other, without being satisfied? If your answer is YES to this question, this is for you. This book will answer the following questions:

Is raw food healthy? Do you need animal foods? Are supplements necessary to meet your nutritional needs? Is it possible to live on a vegan diet? Is it better to eat cooked or raw food? Can you enjoy eating a raw food diet in a cold climate? What’s important to know, if you want to live on a 100% raw diet?


43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to find the long lost Fountain of Youth? I can’t promise you that, but I can give you a close second.

Tear down the curtain of mystery that surrounds fad diets. 43 Nutrition Secrets will de-mystify and reveal the answers you need before you start wondering where you are going to store all those special meals that cost an arm and a leg.


A Handbook of Health

Looking upon the human body from the physical point of view as the most perfect, most ingeniously economical, and most beautiful of living machines, the author has written this handbook of practical instruction for the running of it. And seeing that, like other machines, it derives the whole of its energy from its fuel, the subject of foods–their properties, uses, and methods of preparation–has been determined here with unusual care. An adequate supply of clean-burning food-fuel for the human engine is so absolutely fundamental both for health and for efficiency–we are literally what we eat!


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Audio Crystal Healing Course


Audio Crystal HealingDownload the full set of 36 crystal frequencies from here for only $49.95

Essential Facts On Crystal Healing

Various minerals as well as crystals are usually placed round fully clothed individuals so as to induce deep relaxation and help in induction of sleep and stress relief, and also to promote energy balance. Crystal healing takes roughly one hour and the crystals are used either singly or sometimes in patterns. They are put on the particular areas experiencing pain, on acupuncture points or on subtle energy vortexes. The energy vortexes are called chakras.

Just how does the treatment work? One would ask themselves how the placement of crystals affects the well being of an individual. It is usually believed that there are no such things as miracles, just laws of physics that are not yet discovered. Well, these precious stones have the ability produce vibrations of energy. There placement in a watch for instance makes the battery to send constant charge through them. The charge is absorbed by the gem, then afterwards releases it at precise rates used for maintenance of perfect time in the watch.

A crystal is able to affect the electro-magnetic energy fields and subtle bodies that usually permeate the physical body. Among these are etheric, emotional and mental perspectives that are generally referred to as aura. They absorb, direct and diffuse fields of energy in the body and thus allow for diseased or out of balance parts find natural rhythm again. The gems may be placed on the main chakras, which are seven. They look like different colored wheels that are spinning and run to the midst of the torso.

These chakras aid in linking the subtle energy fields with aspects such as emotions, body organs as well as physical circulatory flows. This explains why when one wears certain crystals like yellow citrine, they get uplifted, rose quartz eases heartache and amethyst induces sleep. Thus knowing the different crystal colors and their effects helps to solve a myriad of problems. It is essential to remember that crystals that have the points facing away from the problem area serve to move energy away from that area. Those with the points facing inwards normally recharge the body.

The promotion of crystal therapy is presently being used in prevention or cure of physical illnesses and the symptoms that come with them. It is made use of in relief of chronic ailments, states of anxiety and also facilitates post-operative healing. The main way in which the healing occurs is through support of the natural healing process of the body.

Does the technique work or is it mere gimmick? Well, one of the ways to prove its working is to try it on an animal, a plant or even a small child. These are chosen because they need not any belief in the efficacy of the therapy, and nor can they understand the therapy. Research done with cats suggests that one particular cat always went to sleep on its owner with one paw on the crystal pendant he was wearing. A grey parrot also normally asked for a crystal to be rubbed on its back. The parrot can tell whenever a crystal is placed next to its cage, even in instances when the cage is wrapped.

In the case of a child or animal, they are placed around them. It is however more convenient to place them on photos of the child or animal for a given period of time. On the other hand, some gem essence may be added to their drinking water. The essence needs to be processed in a way advised by the experts. Pearl for instance is vital in calming traumatized children or animals; emerald helps cats that keep vomiting whereas ruby considerably improves energy.

One may wonder whether there are crystals that clash in case they are used together. In general, warm colored crystals like ruby and garnet stimulate the flow of energy. These warms colored stones are usually red, orange or yellow in color. The cool colored ones like amethyst and malachite calm over activity. Therefore, using the two forms of gems would merely make their effects to cancel out. This would make the treatment null.

Crystals can also enhance the energies of the surroundings. Clear quartz may be placed on top of electronic devices like televisions and computers. This is so because they are known to create electronic fields that affect our energies in a big way. They stones ought to be cleaned regularly to ensure there is no build up of electromagnetic energy. The crystals can also be put on windowsills for deflection of dangerous external energies like those coming from electricity substations. Of importance to remember is the fact that the crystal points should face the direction of the source of the dangerous energy.

People that want to use the crystals on their own may wear them as bracelets, necklaces or pendants. The time taken for effective healing to take place may be long because the stone is in contact with only a small portion of the body. Crystals like turquoise or iolite are worn on the chest for protection against adverse psychic energies. As earlier stated, one may also place the gems on their pictures for a given period of time.

Can the wrong crystals harm an individual? Just like in most medications, the only way stones can bring harm is if they are in the wrong hands. Care needs to be taken in looking for healers. In the event that one is not able to get recommendation from a previous client, spending some time with the healer may be important. This may serve to build some trust and confidence. The crystals ought to be bought from reputable suppliers if they are to be effective, and should be cleansed before use. If it gets to such a time that one feels they do not need certain crystals around them, then it may be time to discard them.

The choice of stones for crystal healing should be well advised. One should preferably spend some time in making a decision on what works best for them. If not so, then an expert will probably come in handy. One thing is for a fact though; crystal therapy indeed works.

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