Well being…

look2Starting your search for the perfect “Energy Healing Stone” is easy.   There are all kinds of different stones that can be used for this  fun and interesting little quest.  Find them easily by looking around you.

Think about something that is bothering you, either mentally, emotionally, or physically, and pick up the first stone that you find.  Hold it in your hand for a few seconds.  Does it feel comfortable in your hand?  Does it seem to “ground” you, or make  you feel better at all?  If it does, then it is the perfect stone for “Energy Healing Stone Therapy”.  If it doesn’t give you any well being feelings, you may need to keep looking a little farther for another stone.

Some rocks, or stones, radiate more energy, and different vibrations, than others.  You may, at some point want to become an expert on the “vibrations” stones put out, or awaken within people, by taking one of my fabulous classes,  but for now, almost any stone will do.  Just choose one to hold in your hand and start to learn to “listen” to the stone.  This is the first step in participating in “Energy Healing Stone Therapy”.

Take your time and pick up a few different stones.  Just hold them in your hand until you get a “feeling” from them.  Once you get this part, the rest is easy.  Keep practicing this over and over, and soon you will feel better and better while holding your chosen stones.

Remember that life is short, and anything you can do to encourage “well-being” within yourself, and others, will raise the energy of the entire planet, and bring more good to everyone!

Keep feeling better and make each day of your life the best day ever! Live, Laugh, Love, and Matter.  It’s up to you to keep your vibration up by thinking good thoughts and living  your best life every day. Bless you, every one, and be happy.


© 2015  Energy Healing Stone Therapy

Heart Crystals

Heart crystals

Here is a small collection of powerful white quartz crystals from Hawaii, shaped into a heart, for visual enhancement.  In addition, a pendulum chain with various colored power chakra stones to enhance it’s beauty and vibration.  The actual pendulum is a natural rose quartz stone that has been shaped into a point for divining.   Stones can be used as decorations in so many ways.  They are also useful for raising your vibrational energy, and enhancing the peace and harmony of the people, pets, and plants around you.  Rose quartz is a popular stone to promote love and comfort in all.  Enjoy your life in every way, and make it better by including beautiful rocks and stones in your world.

Take time to enjoy life…

Enjoy Life

Each new day is another opportunity to appreciate the beauty in your world. Take some time – enjoy life. There seems to be so many things to do. Prioritize them and do what needs to be done, of coarse. Just don’t forget how short life is and how important it is to enjoy the time you have. Keep your energy level up by practicing positive thinking and positive living. Be all you can be. Live, love, matter!

Only Love

Johnny Depp
Thinking about, and remembering what is important in life.
Love is the answer.
Use your energy wisely. Use it to promote Love, share Love, and most of all to be Love. Allow Loving energy to flow in and out of your life, never holding too tightly, and watch it grow every day and increase in every way, until your whole life is filled with LOVE and blessed with healing energy.
Love – Love – Love

New Beginnings

A new day2Each new day is another chance to start a new life.  Another chance to become who you want to be.  Another chance to just be happy, no matter what.

Sometimes I find myself “comparing” things. Things like:

. My older car with other cars…

. My life with other peoples lives…

. My clothes with other people’s clothes…

. My current house with a house I used to have…

When I realize that comparing all those things with other people’s stuff, or things I’ve had in the past, with what I have now, doesn’t bring me any type of joy, I wonder why I keep “comparing”.  Comparing requires one to look in the past, stir around for a while, and often remain there.  I know that living in the present is really the only way to be happy.  No matter what I’ve had in the past, or not had in the past, my life is really only here and now. It is today, and the choices I make in the present will determine what kind of day I’m going to have – TODAY! And by the way, my life is pretty wonderful right now, when I focus on the here and now, I have so many blessings, so many things to be happy about – why would I want to spend my time tripping down memory lane anyway?

I’m starting my new day enjoying everything. I’m going to eat well, dress well, feel well, and be well!
I have a new day to enjoy life and be happy, so I’m going to make that choice right now, and I hope you make the same choice. Let’s just do our best to live one day at a time, and be happy doing it.

Make each day the best day of your life, starting NOW!