Understanding Energy…

What is Energy? Where does it come from? How can you use it?

Energy is everywhere. It radiates out of our bodies in many ways. It can also be absorbed into our bodies from other people or outside sources.

energy hand11


Think of how good you feel when someone that you love gives you a hug or a kiss. Or when you pick up your favorite Grand child and she smiles at you so sweetly. Maybe she even giggles with joy when she sees you, or touches your hand. That is great energy sharing. It also happens when people hold their pets, or do other things that they enjoy.

Have you ever noticed yourself smiling instantly, when someone smiles at you? It happens so easily that we don’t think of it as energy per say, but it really is. It is transferring emotions into actions, and that is energy.

Energy flows out of your hands, feet, and eyes. It also flows from other areas in your body known as chakras, or energy centers. If you really want to feel good energy, join in on a reiki session or get a message!

Look for an upcoming class schedule right here at “Energy Healing Stone Therapy” if you are interested in learning more about energy work and how to increase good energy in your life, or sign up for our newsletter for more information.

Be aware of your feelings and emotions and help spread good energy everywhere!

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