Think of your loved ones…

This is the perfect time of year to:

Think of your loved ones and remember the things that they really like.

That is – the material things any way…

The Christmas season is a perfect time to remember those we love in all kinds of ways, and one of the most popular ways is by the buying of gifts for them.


Many rock hounders or rock collectors would actually be thrilled with a new “rock” or crystal to add to their collection.

You should know that there is not a numerical limit on precious rocks to a collector.

It cannot be either too big or too small either.  Each stone is very cherished, and each one is an individual prized stone to a collector.

There are various different kinds of rocks or stones.  They range from crystals to agates, to obsidian, to jasper.

Each stone is composed of different properties that make it exclusively unique in color, shape and size.

Some are kept just the way they are, while some are polished or made into decorative shapes like arrow heads.

Rock enthusiasts appreciate all kinds of rocks, they may even become some what like special friends, or at least considered a pet.

Thus the craze for “pet rocks”.



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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love

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