Smithsonian Handbooks: Fossils

Smithsonian Handbooks: Fossils

Flexibound – May 15, 2002



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Designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike, these field guides make identification of individual specimens sure, simple and straightforward. Each entry has a full color illustration as well as color-coded bands that provide at-a-glance facts for quick reference. Easy to use and beautiful to look at, this series is an invaluable resource for every collector.

About the Author
Walker is an eminent paleontologist.

Ward worked as a veterinary surgeon for 14 years while pursuing an interest in fossils and participating in several research expeditions in Africa.

Veteran journalists and authors Paulette H. Walter and Alan C. Paulson have published their work in dozens of books, newspapers, and magazines. They have combined their vast experience with the Arkansas History Commission and two university archives, as well as their personal collection, to create this wonderful tour of Faulkner County through the years. This collection, a valuable edition to the bookshelves of Faulkner County residents and visitors, is sure to educate and entertain readers of all ages.

Dayton Ward served for eleven years in the U.S. Marine Corps before discovering the private sector and the piles of cash to be made there as a software engineer. He got his start in professional writing by placing stories in each of Pocket Books? first three”Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” anthologies. He is the author of dozens of “Star Trek” novels, many written in collaboration with coauthor Kevin Dilmore. He recently penned a tie-in to the cult classic television series “The 4400”, and is currently at work on a new “Star Trek “novel to be released in Fall 2010.

Though he currently lives in Kansas City with his wife, Michi, he is a Florida native and still maintains a torrid long-distance romance with his beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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