Pearl Earrings and their meanings

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You could click on “IXIQI” or Search “IXIQI” to see our other jewelries,there are more affordable and beautiful designs for your choice.Thank you.


The history  and meaning of pearls

For a considerable length of time, pearls have been utilized for their mending factors particularly in conventional Far East and Asian restorative frameworks. It has a social and restorative incentive since people of yore times where valuable substances, for example, gold, silver, and pearl have physical and mystical diseases supposedly.

Logically, there isn’t much research is given about the mending properties of pearl however this has never ebb its statue in eye of individuals who puts stock in its phenomenal properties. Pearls have a feeling of serenity to its carrier and center that advances confidence, commitment, accuracy and virtue. Pearls are outstanding for improving individual agreement and trustworthiness while on social notes, it has been taken as a holy thing that gives unadulterated ladylike energy to the inward diva of ladies.

Health advantages

Various societies and Asian social orders have asserted the therapeutic points of interest of this shining pearl. Pearls have a huge medicinal history to aid treatment of stomach related tract issue, skin and muscular issues. For restorative reasons it has been utilized as a part of fine granular form that is blended with different home grown powders and mixtures to shape a drug that improves fertility and reduces the pain of the birthing process.

Antiquated Chinese Medicine

For example, Chinese culture relied upon medications made with pearls since antiquated times. It was utilized as a treatment in varried sicknesses and issues that extents from basic eye issues to genuine heart issue, fever, acid reflux and even to relieve bleeding. For skin issues and treatment to cosmetically improvement of skin quality, pearls are utilized the world over. It is significantly considered as a skin whitener for a very long time. For conquering skin inflammation and Rosacea issues, pearls are discovered to be supernaturally effective.

The Gem of Life and its Spiritual Healing Powers

Alongside its glimmering style and excellence, pearls are respected for its characteristic recuperating essentialness. The admirers charged that pearls helps with keeping up the normal congruity by adjusting hormonal levels in human body that incorporates with lunar cycles. Additionally it acclaimed to be a profound healer that draws out the internal insight and reinforces the passionate forces with a sustaining tinge of warmth.

The Magnetic impact of pearl

It is asserted by numerous antiquated stories where pearls are thought to have a capable attractive impact and has been utilized as a part of Gem Therapy to strengthen sensory system, the adrenal organs, muscle tissues and spleen usefulness.

The Power of Enlightening

Since ages, pearls are accepted to have enchanted forces of grounds and oceans that enables a person to open up its heart and uncover the genuine importance of life. They are expected as the enlightener of brain and body and empower the state of mind of its carrier while aiding figure out how to be loving and kind with oneself as well as other people.

Regardless of whether these properties are taken as myths or not, the moving musings clearly strike a chord of the wearer and help in supporting a characteristic lifestyle in down to earth way.

Pearl Powder

Pearls can be connected in powder form; smashed to granular pearls are utilized as a part of antiquated Chinese medications as a skincare operator. With its outstanding against maturing and skin inflammation medicinal properties, it is likewise accepted to expand life expectancy.