Outdoor stone rug…

Outdoor stone rug…outdoor rug

This is a wonderful example of a do it yourself outdoor stone rug. It would look exceptionally nice washed daily, allowing the water to enhance the stone colors even more.  If it looks like it is too large or overwhelming, you could start with just a few of your favorite stones in the center, working out as you find and add more stones over time.  Perhaps a small square shape to start with, or a circle. Then add to each side as you collect more material.  Rocks are beautiful and even prettier when wet.  That is a good reason to use them in landscaping here in the pacific northwest area where there is a lot of rain.

Energy is everywhere, and comes in many forms.  Stones exude their own form of energy.  Enjoy your rocks, stones, and crystals, allowing their energy to flow from them to you and your surroundings as they enhance your surroundings and flower beds.

Another example of stone use is to start with a certain color of stone as a center and work out toward the edges with other colors.  You can make anything as elaborate as a rainbow effect, to a simple pattern of single lines or squares of various colors.  Experiment in your own yard or driveway for desired results.  You might even want to lay out a design with paint or driveway chalk before you lay the stones in.  Whatever you do, enjoy and appreciate your energy healing stones.


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