Fun Express Break Your Own Geodes – 12 Pieces

Fun Express Break Your Own Geodes - 12 PiecesFun Express Break Your Own Geodes – 12 Pieces

Price: $12.55

Geodes are round stones, usually hollow filled with crystals or layers of agate. Your “Break at Home” geode should have either quartz or calcite crystals inside.
To crack your geode, first place it inside an old sock. Lay sock on concrete floor or sidewalk, and tap geode with hammer
1 dozen package

According to customer reviews, many of the geodes are smaller than pictured.  Still a good value for exploring geode “smashing” for kids who want to see what’s in there.  Just be aware of the varied sizes and know what you are getting.   Geodes are a fun way to get kids or anyone  interested in pursuing the earth sciences to the next level.  Have fun with your geodes and enjoy your interest in rocks and minerals. Be aware of choking hazards for children under three as you check out what is on the inside of the these geodes .

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