Eating Healthy…

What ever your preferences are in eating,
eating healthy
is so important.

eating healthy

Choose from the freshest vegetables whenever possible.
Organic or home grown are the best.
Who doesn’t love to go pull a few carrots from the garden, or cut a few fresh sprigs of parsley for flavoring? And add a little rosemary, a few chives, and maybe a touch of sage. Oh yummm.
For those of us who like meat, beef is a wonderful source of protein.
For those who don’t, there are many protein substitutes.
It is all about what you are comfortable with, and what works for you. I find that moderation and balance are key for me. A little of this, and a little of that, with lots of vitamins and minerals, makes me a happy, healthy person, with lots of vital energy.
If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, eating well is a must. Junk food has it’s place, but I usually feel pretty “junky” if I eat very much of it. How about you?
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Life is short,

Live – Laugh and Love with all your heart!

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