Be the Light…


Be the Light…

Shine brightly today!


Be the light you would like to see in others…

Shine – shine – shine…

Be all that you can be – right now.
Think about good things,
do good things,
and have a joyful, happy life –
Full of light!

Let yesterday’s troubles fade away,
and let them stay in your past,
as you realize what a wonderful life you have
right now, TODAY.  Be grateful for everything you have, and even the things that don’t seem to be a blessing.  Later in life, you may change your mind and realize how much you learned from some of those challenges.  Lessons learned can save you so much time and effort in the future.  You’ve probably heard it said more than once -Yes, I’ve all ready learned that one… I don’t need to go through that again…

And then you can move on.  Knowing that you have gained some wisdom and knowledge and you are a little smarter than you were before.

Life is about lessons.  Life is about learning, and loving, and caring.  Life is about sharing and shining as bright as you can.

Keep shining my friends… Do what you like to do.  Be who you want to be.  Love as many people as you can, and just let the rest of the world be who and what they want to be also.

Don’t worry about what others do or say, because you are so busy living your own life that you know there is plenty of room for everyone else to be themselves.  You may not want to live really close to people that don’t share your love for life and humanity though…

It’s real that some people don’t agree and sometimes there are those who don’t appreciate their lives at all.  BUT it’s up to you to just keep on shining anyway!

I Love your light.


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Many blessings to all…

Live – Laugh – Love

© 2016 Energy Healing Stone Therapy

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